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Job Description (What the job involves)

The job role as a Regional Sales Manager in the Medical Aesthetic industry is very varied and entails many aspects including sales leads, continued sales support with existing customers and training. The  job role typically revolves around 3 core areas:

Sales Leads

Sales leads can come via a variety of sources including enquiries through the company  website or though phone calls to the head office. Once  information has come through of a potential sale, it is then up to the sales rep to contact the lead and book a meeting to discuss their needs and how they can help them. It is important to deal with sales leads quickly after receiving the initial call or website enquiry.

During the initial meeting with their sales lead the medical aesthetic sales rep will want to take a look at their business, ask lots of questions about their past experience and what they are looking for in a skincare brand and then discuss the best range options for them.

The initial meeting is usually an hour and then is followed up with several phone calls and emails. Support should be available at all stages and and therefore good sales reps will have  have to be very flexible with their time, especially when someone is starting new in the industry.

Cold calling is also a small part of the job and  often when driving  past a new clinic will necessitate ‘popping in’ to see how they might benefit from the products to hand. This does take some confidence, self belief  and  good product knowledge; all essential parts of the role.

Sales Support

Once a clinic has been set up with their account and  taken on the desired products, they should be offered continued support. This is necessary as it encourages customer confidence in the products and treatments they offer. This results in happy patients for the clinic and more sales for the company. It is also important to continue the support as it offers the opportunity to assess whether the customer would benefit from some of the other services offered by the company, such as training in skin needling. This, again, will increase sales for both the clinic and the medical aesthetic sales rep.

A good medical aesthetic sales rep will continue to visit their existing customers every 6-8 weeks.


A good medical aesthetic sales rep will follow up on all  sales with training in the products and the training usually takes place about 1-2 weeks after the initial sale. It is vital that the customer is fully trained in the products and treatments if they are able to offer the best service to their capability. When using medical grade products and treatments it is essential that the clinic is very confident in using their products as this confidence must be passed on to the patient. Although this is essential in beauty treatments as well, the patients are often more nervous with medical treatments so the clinic must be able to reassure their patient and ensure that there are no, or little, complications following the patient’s appointment.

For this reason, training is even more important than the sales. Without fully comprehensive training a medical aesthetic sales rep will not be able to expand on their sales and offer the best support possible to their customers.

Upsides and Downsides

As you may have now guessed, the role is very varied and no day is the same! This is great if you get “itchy feet” and do not like to be stuck in the same place every day! However, with this variety also means that you have no solid routine. Some days involve very early starts and mean leaving the house at 6am or even earlier and sometimes getting home at 11pm. There is also a lot of weekend work involved as most of the conferences and exhibitions which are vital to attend are held on Saturdays and Sundays.

Also, the customer is sometimes only free at the weekend for a meeting or training and if you are to be successful in the role, you have to fulfil these weekend obligations so you give 100% support. This can start to impact on your personal life. If you have an active social life this has to take a back seat with the role of a Regional Sales Manager and this is probably the biggest downside to the job.

Another factor which some people find difficult at times is the travelling. Long days can often be made longer by the traffic jams and long journeys to and from each clinic. You have to be very organised and make sure you plan every trip well and allow enough time to get to and from each meeting to ensure that stress is reduced with the role.

However, there are many plus points and these most definitely over ride the bad points. For instance, there is never time to get bored or feel like the job is mundane! If you like variety then a sales job is definitely for you!

Skills and Personal Qualities

This role entails many personal skills and the most important are confidence, organisation and a great knowledge of the skin and the industry overall.

It is recommended that a medical sales rep has a Beauty Therapy qualification of level 3 or above so that there is already an understanding of the anatomy of the skin and body. However, this is not essential and there will be many reps who do not have this qualification. These people have had sales experience and are very willing to learn and have studied many books and journals.

Some of the large pharmaceutical companies will require other qualifications and it is recommended that you check with these companies before enquiring about a job with them.

Being willing to learn is imperative as the regulations are often changing within the industry and you must be able to fully comprehend the effects and use of all the products you sell. Working with Doctors, Nurses and Medical Aestheticians means you will be asked technical questions and you need to be able to answer these. Therefore, studying and learning, even in your own time, is essential. This again means you must be flexible.

Industry Outlook

If you decide to enter the medical aesthetic industry the rewards are fantastic! The industry is growing every year and in my opinion has not been slowed down by the recession.

The major factor to affect the industry is the changing of regulations which can cause some businesses to suffer, however I believe these changes will make the industry stronger overall.

The major companies to recruit for sales and training are pharmaceutical companies and suppliers. There are approximately 5 major companies within the industry but it is often the smaller ones which are growing the most and offer the more opportunity to join them.

The industry is growing rapidly but, at present, is quite small and we all get to know each other so it is important that you have a good reputation and are seen as being hard working, confident, flexible and reliable. If you have this reputation you will go far in the industry and will enjoy working in this exciting environment!

Gemma Bloxham


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