MLM & Network Marketing - If You Generate Enough Prospects Do Not Read This

By Catherine K Lee

People do not like to be sold to. If you are going to make big money in the Network Marketing and MLM business you must make sales 'happen' and not do any selling. Therefore, if you want to cut it in this industry it is vital that you know who your target market is.

Your target markets are those people who already have been in the online home-based marketing business. The reason for this is that they already have the desire to succeed. Consequently, they will purchase whatever they need to in order for them to be successful. People in MLM's and Network Marketing have invested a lot of time and money into the industry; subsequently they 'have' to succeed. Defeat and Failure are not an option.

So now you have a definite target market, you must decide where you are going to get the information from so you can contact and connect with these people. The answer is advertising. But Catherine, you said people do not like being sold to. That is very true. Let me tell you my experience in sales and you will see what I mean.

In my career as a Beauty Therapist, I would love performing treatments but hated the end of the session, as we were required to sell the products we had used to the client. I could cringe now just at the thought of it! I was rubbish at the selling game and hardly made a penny. I even bought products or got my family to; because 10% of our wages were made up of sales commission. These retail sales would be reviewed on a weekly basis and results were posted on the staff room wall.

To rectify this situation I went on a sales course. I though, this is fantastic, just what I've been looking for, as soon as I get back to the salon I'm going to implement the techniques and sell, sell, sell. But in reality, this did not happen because people did not like being sold to. Eventually, I gave up selling to my clients, focused on performing the best treatment to suit the client's beauty needs and resigned myself to the dip in wages. Then as if in some ironic twist of fate, clients started buying the products I'd being trying to sell them for years.

The reason? I tailored the treatment to best suit their needs a not mine. Therefore, I gave them a solution to their problem without any selling. As a result my sales commission hit the roof and I was the top salon earner, with a more than healthy client base to back it up. So now you can see how important it is not to sell to you prospects. People in MLM's already have products to sell, so why would they be interested in another product. What you need to do is advertise a solution to their problem and yourself.

All involved in MLM's and Network Marketing need help in recruiting customers; otherwise they will never be able to build a successful business. So you need to market a comprehensive franchise system. This is how you stop 'selling' to your prospects and sales start to automatically 'happen'.

Catherine Lee is a successful Network Marketer, College Lecturer, Coach and Mentor. For further Help, Support and Advice on How to Build a Highly Successful Marketing Business visit

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