Most common hair care myths

1. Cutting your hair too often will just make it grow back faster: this is perhaps the most enduring haircare myth out there, and it seems to persist no matter how many times it is proven wrong. Trimming your hair frequently either using electric hair trimmers for men or hair scissors in order to rid of split ends doesn't make your hair grow back faster. Your hair, after all grows from the scalp not from the ends, so trimming the ends does not stimulate them to grow back quicker.


2. Plucking out a single gray hair will encourage the formation of more: this is unfortunately another very common myth associated with hair care - an 'old wives' tale' that has been spread by old wives! The truth is that if you notice the odd gray hair among the colorful strands, plucking it out will in no way cause you to grow more gray hairs! At best, it will just overall weaken your hair and irritate the scalp.


3. You should always comb your hair top to bottom, not the other way around: everyone says this, but that doesn't make it any more true. When you comb your hair in order to detangle and straighten it out - you should never comb it from top to bottom. Instead, start from the middle and divide it. That way, you minimize hair breakage.


4. Oiling your hair more frequently and for longer benefits your hair: the purpose of oil is to moisturize the hair and/or scalp, and the oil and hair will only absorb the quantity of oil they need whilst discarding the rest. So oiling your hair more frequently and for longer is pointless, actually. You can even add oil to your hair and scalp half an hour before washing it with shampoo, and it will still be OK!


5. You can repair split ends: nothing can repair split ends, when your ends break they are gone for good. Don't listen to the hype spread by advertisers for new and expensive hair care products. Have you ever seen a body come back to life after it has died? Well the same is true for dead hair.


6. Shampooing your hair makes it fall: shampoo simply enables you to clean dirt and grime from your hair and scalp, it doesn't on its own make your hair weak or strong. Wet hair gets weaker on its own, and scrunching and squeezing your hair in order to spread the shampoo also bends and loosens your locks. The correct way to shampoo your hair is to massage it into the scalp and let it clean your ends as you wash it off, disturbing the hair as little as possible. So stop blaming this or that shampoo for the sake of your hair; chances are that it i YOU who is to blame


7. You should comb your hair 100 times each day: this might be just the biggest hair care myth out there. We have probably all heard somebody dispense this advice to us. But the truth is that 100 is far too many times to comb and brush your hair. Over-brushing actually weakens your hair by applying extra stress and pressure to your hair and scalp. It doesn't strengthen your hair at all, rather it makes it weaker and more prone to fall out! So stop believing this damaging hair care myth.


8. Dandruff results from dry scalp: this is another one of those 'common sense' myths that almost all of us believe. But in fact, dry scalp has no relation to dandruff, as a matter of fact dandruff is more likely to afflict those with an oily scalp.


9. Conditioner doesn't work on oily hair: it makes no difference whatsoever how oily your hair is, you can still condition it with equally good results. If your hair is especially oily, this is because your body produces more sebum that necessary Conditioning your hair won't make it produce less oil, but neither will it do any harm to your hair. This is another standard hair care myth that needs to be dispelled.


10. Tying your hair back helps you get rid of dandruff: this is another myth that is just too silly to be taken seriously, but seem people still believe it! Tying your hair back does not rid your scalp of dandruff, it simply hides it from view - ie by preventing flakes from falling onto your shoulders and clothes.

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