My Beauty Counter Annoyance

By way of explanation let me start by saying I had received some birthday gift vouchers for a well known make-up brand. Now I personally love this brand; it can be a little pricey but the sheer brilliance of the packaging and marketing behind this brand makes it a pleasure to play about with. It manages to press the right buttons of what us women are looking for in the make-up we use and well it's easy to apply and looks great. In other words not a hard sell especially for a woman that has vouchers itching to get out of her purse.

Now on this particular day I arrived at the make-up counter with the same wide eyed excitement that a young child has when entering their local sweet shop. I fully intended purchasing my own 'Pick 'n Mix' of make-up products; may be one of those wonderful mascaras promising to give me Hollywood star lashes, a light airy foundation and some blushers to add colour to my winter weary white cheeks. I started to smear lipsticks on the back of my hand.....

Just as I was about to reach out for another lipstick in came two ladies who had been pre-booked into having a makeover with one of the beauty counter assistants. Swiftly the consultants pulled out stools for their booked appointments right in front of the beautifully laid out samplers I was trying out. And to add insult to injury proceeded to litter the counter tops with little pots of colour destined only for their client's face.

I looked on with dismay at the scene in front.....the beauty consultants only had eyes for their 'booked in' customers who were getting to pour over the very samplers I had been trying on only minutes before. They had formed a little wall in front of the products with only a little space here and there where if lucky I could stretch my arm forward and try and awkwardly grab a product or two. I tried my best but was increasingly becoming a nuisance getting in the way of the consultant whilst she tried to apply make-up to her appointment. Surely it wasn't right that I was having to apologise for wanting to test the products before I purchased them.

My initial enthusiasm and commitment to blowing a whole load of cash on my beauty 'Pick n Mix' was evaporating quickly. I tried to make contact with one of the beauty consultants so they could see my frustration but they were completely oblivious to my plight and so I left.... my fuel gauge of enthusiasm finally run dry.

In hindsight for my pocket it was probably a good thing as I was on a mission not only to spend my vouchers that day but to purchase beyond that and treat every inch of my face to a complete makeover. I was in the mood to spend, spend spend. Sure, the two ladies booked into their makeover appointments that afternoon could well have purchased some products but what of all the other ladies blocked from accessing the make-up counter that afternoon.

Commercially not a smart move!

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