My Career Journey with Headmasters – Clare Hansford


I started at Headmasters young, this meant I learnt my hairdressing base skills really early & spent a lot of time on the salon floor dealing with clients, finding out what they really want from their hair.


At first I followed the salon management path & ran the Headmasters Raynes Park Salon successfully & happily for a number of years. I went on a few part time make-up courses at the London College of Fashion & then joined the Headmasters Artistic Team where I am happily still growing in my hairdressing job, learning & being inspired.


Join a hairdressing group with a strong art team who support you with continual education throughout your hairdressing job. Look at salons you have heard of & check they have an academy. Most importantly make sure you are truly inspired by the images they produce – if you are 9 times out of 10 it will be the right fit for you.


If you think Headmasters might be the right fit for you, we would love to hear from you. Headmasters are always recruiting stylists, apprentices, receptionists & managers because our company is continually opening new, beautiful salons in and around London locations. This is your time to shine and benefit from flexible hours, fast track promotion, free senior education, & multiple career paths.

Love your job & succeed – call our hotline on 0345 459 7780 or view our profile and Stylist job vacancies

Clare’s Top Hair Career Tips

Be passionate about magazines & online.
Love trends in every sense: hair, clothes, make up, interiors etc.
Get involved in social media – Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest – to help you get the inside track on what’s happening in hair, fashion & beauty.
Join a salon group & train from within – it’s the best way to get into the hair industry & it means you get paid while you learn.

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