My Top 10 Hair Products

The best brand

Redken have, in my opinion, always been the number one brand of all time, the ‘Rolls Royce’ in hair repair products. The treatment range is by far the very best money can buy, (yes it’s quite pricey but so so worth it). The extreme cat treatment, which is nothing short of amazing, for strengthening damaged hair, is a miracle product that everyone should have (and no before you even think it…ive never worked for Redken - it just deserves huge praise!) Redken is sold in lots of top salons across the country and you can expect to pay around £17 for the Extreme Cat treatment; you won’t find this in the wholesalers as it is exclusive to salons that buy into the whole range.

The best tool

This is without a doubt the Babyliss Pro straighteners - not GHDs! I bought the Babyliss ones when I started a new job last year as I had been shocked to find out that I needed my own equipment. I didn't want to take my GHDs that I use at home into work to get ruined as they are too expensive. They get chucked into a box when they aren't being used in the salon so there's a good chance they could get broken.

The Babyliss Pro straighteners cost £50 + VAT at my local hair and beauty wholesalers, only trouble is every time I need them someone else is using them because they are so good! They have an easy digital temperature control that starts at 180 degrees and goes up to 230 degrees and they do an amazing job even on the lower heat.

The best shampoo

Kerastase Bain Cristal weightless shampoo is amazing, so light but makes you’re hair so shiny and fresh – in my opinion, the best shampoo around for long hair. It costs £15 and again this will not be found in the wholesalers as it’s exclusive to salons stocking the range.

The best conditioning range

The Wild Ginger range from Paul Mitchell is a pretty good find. It’s quite a new range and is just what they needed as a company that had previously just been known for being middle of the road in professional hair care. Although great for styling products they have always been known as ‘just ok’ for shampoo, conditioner and treatments, which is fine if you have good condition hair and want to  keep it that way but was never recommended for repairing. Wild Ginger has changed this by actually working and giving amazing shine and feel to damaged hair that almost resembles the brazillian blow dry! The treatment retails at around £30 and is available in selected salons and not to be found in the wholesalers once again due to the exclusivity.

The best hairspray

The best hairspray that can even hold curls in the straightest, thickest hair is freeze and shine by Paul Mitchell, I love it and couldn’t live without it! It’s also great for putting hair up and keeping it stuck exactly how it should be. Retails at around £15 from lots of good salons.

A fantastic styling product is spray wax by Paul Mitchell which is one of my favourite products at the moment. It’s really good for showcasing a sexy choppy hair cut, a little mist of it defines the hair cut and it smells really nice too. Retails at around £14 in selected salons.

The best hairdryer

In my opinion, the best hairdryer is the Parlux Super Turbo, its fast, has a long cord and not too hot. You should expect to pay around £60 in selected salons or around £40 in the wholesalers.

The best curling wand

To date the best curling wand that I have used is the Diva Session Instant Heat. It doesn’t get too hot like some of the other brands, it’s really easy to use and it creates curls that hold really well too. You should expect to pay around £79 and should be able to find one in selected salons across the country.

The best hair brush

This has to be a good old Denman classic - you can’t beat them. There are so many different blow dry styles that you can create with one. They are amazing for doing hair up and perfect for everyday brushing as they get through knots effortlessly, even with really thick hair. In my opinion there just isn’t anything that comes close - I’ve never worked in a salon that doesn’t have at least one! You can buy them in salons, chemists and even supermarkets from around £5 for handbag size and around £13 for the large.

The best heated rollers

I believe the old fashioned but revamped Carmen thermal rollers are the best heated rollers around. There are many new versions of these and I’ve tried a certain brand that makes the instant pod type of heated rollers and they are just too hot to handle!

Rollers can be really hard to work with as although the heat is variable you have to have it reasonably high for them to work. Some can be too hot to hold so I would definitely recommend Carmens. They are a good temperature to work with, creating fantastic results as always. You can expect to pick a set up for around £20-£30 depending on where you buy them. They can be found in some salons and also in wholesalers.


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