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Businesses are losing thousands of pounds each year through poor customer service, this is mainly through lack of monitoring and very little training.

The beauty industry is flooding with new businesses opening, customers now have a huge amount of choice when it comes to choosing where to spend their money. With so many deals on the internet customer loyalty can be easily swayed. There are some sites out there giving away deals, for as ittle as £2 through "mob buying".

"It is very easy to gain customer loyalty through excellent customer service. People still want to feel wanted and want to spend money, how they are treated has a big impact on whether they spend it or not" says Natasha Gordon, Co-Founder of The Trusted Beauty Guide

Having been in the hair, beauty and fitness industry for over 18 years, the founder's of The Trusted Beauty Guide have continuously contributed to helping businesses globally, improve their customer service, selling skills, treatments and product knowledge.

Working with a combination of the luxury market clients and high street chains they have spent a great deal of time educating businesses on the importance of customer service.

The Trusted Beauty Guide is a UK based company that mystery shops businesses globally and identifies strengths and weaknesses, before feeding it to the business owner or personnel. Strategies are then out in place to make improvements through specialised and business specific training.

"Having interviewed 1000's of different people on what they expect from a salon or spa we know customers expect not only a great standard of treatment but high levels of customer service too. It's impossible for business owners to know how their staff are performing without having them mystery shopped and retrained to perform to the highest standard" says Natasha.

The mystery shopping team are experts within the industry and have had high levels of training to pinpoint areas which are essential to the success of the business. Once the areas of concern have been pinpointed within the business, feedback and training is given to staff members.

The Trusted Beauty Guide also sees the importance of rewarding areas of excellence within a business too. Staff members who are performing well should feel appreciated.

For those who are not performing so well, essential training is given to make the improvements.

It costs more money to get a new customer than it does to keep an existing one so businesses need to make the most of the peoplewho walk through the door or make an enquiry.

They cannot afford to lose customers to another business who us providing better customer service and treatments to a higher standard. Too many businesses fail to recognise that each person who phones, emails or walks through the door could be a customer for life.

There are certain times of the day, week and time where customer service is at its worst! The usual reason for this are dips in the day or lack if supervision at that time. Poor monitoring and lack of training can make customers go elsewhere without the business owners knowing why. With the growing number of websites giving reviews, it only takes one bad review online to put customers off from visiting a business.

"To be honest, the recession hasn't hit the businesses who have adapted their strategies to keep their customers happy" says Natasha.

The Trusted Beauty Guide has seen a growth in the number of businesses requesting customer service training services.

Contact The Trusted Beauty Guide about having your business 'Mystery Shopped' or to have your staff trained to provide exceptional customer service, treatments and product information.

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