Nail Technician Jobs on the Rise

This is great news for nail technicians and those considering embarking on a career in the nail industry and certainly the number of job opportunities for nail technicians does appear to be on the rise. Here we take a look at just some of the job opportunities available to nail technicians.

Nail bar jobs

Due to the increased popularity of gels and acrylics there is a noticeable increase in the number of dedicated nail bars opening. As distinct from beauty salons these nail bars will only offer treatments for nails. Because of the specialist nail services offered nail technicians will often be required to have qualifications in gels and acrylics as well as being able to deliver basic manicures and pedicures. 

Hours can be long and with often having back to back nail appointments the ability to concentrate for long stretches is essential as is the ability to work quickly without compromising the quality of your work.

Nail technicians considering a job within a nail bar should be aware of the health and safety implications of where they work. Because of the chemicals used in some nail treatments and the presence of fine dust from multiple filed nails, the nail tech should always check that their prospective work place is well ventilated and the necessary health and safety requirements with regards to storage of chemicals etc taken.

Nail desks / stations to rent

An increased number of hair and beauty salons are renting out nail desks within their salons to self employed nail technicians. This is a situation that benefits both the salon owner and the nail tech. The salon owner is able to diversify and offer new treatments and products whilst at the same time receiving a steady rental revenue. Whilst for the nail technician they can set up their own nail business often within an established salon with waiting clientele.

The cost and arrangements of renting the nail station varies depending on the size and location of the salon but typically you can either expect to pay a weekly rental rate of around £70 a week and keep the earnings or work on a commission only basis.

Renting your own nail station can be more lucrative than working full time as a salaried nail technician but make sure you do your sums to make sure it's viable and also look into the following factors which will affect its profitability; where is the desk located? you want it in a highly visible location, is the salon in a good location and well established with good clientele, will the salon take bookings for you, can you use their PDQ machine to process payments, Will they market your services?

Nails retail jobs

Go into any large department store like John Lewis and Debenhams and you'll likely see a nail bar laden with tantalising little pots of varnish. Nails inc were one of the first UK companies to establish nail bars in the UK. They now have two standalone stores in London and over 65 nail bars in department stores including Fenwick, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and John Lewis. 

Such companies look to recruit nail technicians who have a desire to expand their nail career into retail. Most will start their nail retail career as a manicurist or nail technician and after a couple of years can work their way up to becoming a beauty retail counter manager and ultimately a beauty store manager.

If you like working to targets and love retailing nail products then nails retail jobs could the route for you. Click here to view the latest nails jobs with nails inc.

Dedicated Hand and foot spa jobs

Hand and foot spas are distinct from nail bars in that as well as offering manicures, pedicures and nail extensions they also provide foot care from podiatrists and chiropodists. The Hand and Foot Spa with spas in Chelsea and Wimbledon was one of the first UK businesses to diversify and offer specialist foot care as well as nail services

Cruise Ship nail tech jobs

Yes, believe it or not your career as a nail technician can take you abroad. Most cruise ships these days have on board spas and nail treatments are popular amongst cruising guests. 

Nail educator jobs

For experienced nail technicians who don't have the inclination to open their own nail salon there is the option to become a nail educator for one of the nail manufacturers such as OPI. With new products coming out all the time the need for manufacturers to recruit nail educators is at an all time high.

As well as being able to command greater rates of pay, nail educators get the opportunity to travel, enjoy product discounts and significantly add to their skill set. Nail educators have to be technically good at what they teach, not necessarily an expert in ALL nail services but certainly should be extremely proficient in the area they choose to specialise and teach in,  have a minimum of around 3-5 year's experience in the field and have excellent people communication and presentation skills.

As you can see the career opportunities for nail technicians are varied and if the demand for nail services remains strong then the available jobs for our nail technicians will hopefully continue to rise.


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