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Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque

Activated charcoal is fast becoming one of the hottest beauty secrets around thanks to its incredible purification properties. Featuring in face masks, cleansers and even teeth whitening kits, it's proving a must-have salon staple, particularly for clients with problem skin.

Having been treated to boost its absorbency, activated charcoal is capable of drawing out dirt and grime from deep within pores, getting rid of bacteria, chemical impurities and excess oil. It has a proven ability to absorb one thousand times its own mass in harmful substances, making it ideal for clients with greasy or acne-prone complexions.

While there are many charcoal-related products on the market at the moment, Dermalogica’s Charcoal Rescue Masque is a popular and effective product which can be easily incorporated into salon facials. Not only does it contain binchotan charcoal to absorb impurities, but it also features sulphur to promote cell turnover, leading to naturally brighter skin. The mask contains exfoliating ingredients such as volcanic ash, sea salt, bamboo extract and alpha hydroxy acids as well as wild mint to refine pores.

An easy way to add an up-to-the minute twist to your salon treatments, Dermalogica’s Charcoal Rescue Masque is one of the most exciting products around.



As more and more customers become as health-conscious about cosmetic products as they are about their diets, an increasing number of salons are choosing to provide vegan haircare alternatives.

One of the leading brands in this niche is Pureology, a vegan, organic and paraben-free haircare range created specifically for professional colourists. The Pureology range consists of more than fifteen ‘systems’ for different hair types, all of which come with Pureology’s trademark anti-fade formula. For example, there’s the Curl Complete system for colour treated curls and waves, which includes Curl Complete shampoo and conditioner, a moisture melt masque, taming butter, uplifting curl and curl extend formula. There’s also the Strength Cure system, designed for micro-scarred, damaged colour treated hair, which includes Strength Cure shampoo, conditioner, restorative salve, split end salve and fabulous lengths serum. Essentially, whatever condition your client’s hair is in, whether you cater to customers with dry, brittle, dull, fine or ageing hair, Pureology has a system to address the issues at hand.

With celebrity hair stylist Larry King, whose clients include David Beckham, Zayn Malik and David Gandy, as a leading brand ambassador, Pureology is undoubtedly one of the top ranges to go for if you have an ethically-minded clientele.


Vein away

An exciting new product has recently come onto the market which promises to zap away skin imperfections such as thread veins, spider veins and skin tags in as little as one treatment.

Launched by Naturastudios, Vein Away targets problem areas by blasting an ultrafast radio frequency of 27.12 MHz, which helps to minimalize or eradicate vascular lesions.

The product, which features 110 programs for the face and body, was developed in partnership with leading vascular surgeon and thread vein specialist Dr Brian Newman, who said: "I have worked over 20 years developing treatments for spider veins. Vein Away system adds a new perspective in virtually painless, minimally invasive therapy for small blood vessels and skin blemishes. I can add my support to the many practitioners who are getting excellent results with the new Vein Away patented technology.”

With its patented technology, Vein Away is a cutting-edge salon product which promises a high return on investment and low running and maintenance costs.

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BaByliss PRO Perfect Curl Styler

One of the most exciting salon products around is the BaByliss PRO Perfect Curl, which features a unique and patented technology.

Unlike regular curlers, which tend to include tongs, the BaByliss hair curler has a heated ‘ceramic curl chamber’. The chamber is clamped onto a small section of hair, which, using a rotating internal device, drawls the length of hair inside, winding it and sealing it into a curl with 360-degree heat.

With three temperature settings, three timer settings and the option to select the curl direction, the Babyliss curler enables the stylist to retain full artistic control. It can be used on longer and shorter hairstyles and comes with three different heat settings - 190°C, 210°C and 230°C.

A space-age looking product featuring incredibly innovative technology, the PRO Perfect Curl is guaranteed to impress your clients.

Currently £119.99 from Sally Express.


Nails Inc Pro

Nails Inc has been a leading nail polish brand in the consumer market for years. But now the innovative London-based company has brought out a range of professional products created especially for the professional market. The Nails Inc PRO range boasts an exclusive gel effect formula, offering extreme durability and longevity and a high shine finish, while being kind to your nails.

The collection includes 36 shades, including best-selling colours from Nails Inc’s high street range as well as brand new shades specifically created for Nails Inc PRO. Each colour in the collection contains volcanic glass and shellac for strength and protection of colour, polyester resin for flexibility and durability and a dual polymer complex for high shine and long lasting colour.

Thea Green, founder of Nails Inc, said: “We have responded to the demand from the nail professionals and created Nails Inc PRO for them. The new formula is the result of our years of knowledge and experience combined with the latest gel effect and long-wearing technology, encapsulated in a super-charged polish and treatments. I know the nail professionals will love it.”

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