New York City Nails Franchise Opportunities

New York City Nails is a fast-expanding chain of nail bars that started life just three years ago and has gone on to become a leading brand in both the UK and Ireland. The brainchild of brothers Tiernan and Seamus Lynch, New York City Nails was born when they recognised the opportunity to set up dedicated nail bars in a luxurious and pampering environment rather than as an add-on to an existing beauty salon business.

They opened their first flagship store in Belfast in December 2004 and spent the following six months marketing and establishing the brand, building the business and securing a faithful client following. By its very nature, the nail business can be a transient one where clients are concerned, however, Tiernan and Seamus were determined to ensure that when clients visited New York City Nails, the experience and first class service they received would be enough to have them returning time and time again.

Putting their customer care policy and code of practice firmly in place has proved to be the catalyst to their continued success and it is a point on which they will not compromise. Building a loyal clientele is, after all, the key to the success of any business in the beauty arena.

Before long the company was approached by Debenhams who were looking for nail bars of quality to install in selected stores throughout the UK and Ireland. The brothers saw the huge potential in the opportunity that presented itself and took the next biggest step of their career by opening New York City Nails in quick succession in 19 Debenhams high street locations.

As they continue to go from strength to strength and with 60 more Debenhams stores on offer, they have decided to take the franchise route in order to offer a unique opportunity to like-minded business people and / or ambitious nail technicians.

So just what do New York City Nails have to offer? Here we talk to Tiernan Lynch who outlines what a franchise operation with his company could mean to you:

Tiernan, tell us what the potential is for more nail bars?

Our target is to open 60 more Debenhams franchise nail bars and 40 stand-alone New York City Nails franchise nail bars over the next three years. We have the sites, we just need the franchisees!

What quality should a New York City Nails franchisee possess?

The financial ability to sustain a business is of course paramount. They should have an entrepreneurial spirit, be hard working, dependable, organised and reliable. If they already own an existing business that is a bonus, but not essential. This person could be a venture capitalist looking to extend their portfolio, a business person looking for a new direction or an ambitious and outgoing nail technician with the desire to have their own business, be their own boss, be master or mistress of their own destiny!

What investment are we looking at in terms of financial commitment from the franchisee?

The maximum franchise costs, for new Debenhams stores are £40,000 (sterling) but the franchisee would need to have access to around £50,000 - £55,000 total; we also have existing nail bars within Debenhams stores for between £16,000 to £22,000 (sterling).

What is your commitment to them?

A full support system in regards to sales, marketing, PR, human resources and ongoing training. We can also offer them prime high street positions with the opportunity to trade in Debenhams and other locations not readily available to other sole traders. We also have a great relationship with one of the leading nail brands OPI, whose own brand profile complements ours perfectly and who have an established and loyal consumer following.

What yardstick do you measure a good nail technician / franchisee by?

A good nail technician pays attention to detail and to their client. They very quickly build a good client base. A good franchisee will have financial stability and the passion and desire to succeed.

For more information on how you could become part of this growing company and for a franchisee pack contact New York City Nails on: 028 (UK and NI) 048 (ROI) 90 590111 or email:

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