Non Surgical Patient Coordinator

Job Description (What the job involves)

As things continue to move at a rapid pace within the Cosmetic Surgery Industry so Non-Surgical treatments are also proving to be increasingly popular. Those that are looking for cosmetic enhancement can be faced with all sorts of options. However, not all patients are ready to commit to permanently changing the way they look. With an ever increasing growth within the market; Non-Surgical treatments are an effective way to improve how we appear and feel without the need for going “under the knife”.

These days, plenty of patients are opting for non-surgical procedures that can help to repair, restore and rejuvenate their appearance. Treatments are varied and can be carried out and administered quickly, safely and effectively with a trained and qualified Professional.

A Non-Surgical Coordinator liaises between the Patient and the Practitioner offering treatment. By acting as an advisor for those seeking non-surgical procedures such as Botox, Dermal Filler, Laser and intense pulsed light (IPL), Laser hair reduction/removal , Dermaroller, Mesotherapy, Lip Enhancement, Omnilux, Coolsculpt, Chemical peels and Microdermabrasion to name a few.

A Coordinator will effectively communicate, educate and inform patients on all non-surgical procedures i.e. how they work, how long they last and what to expect from the treatment. Non-Surgical Coordinators will also discuss price quotes, schedule appointments and reinforce the “Do’s and Don’ts” before and after treatment as advised by their practitioner.

Main tasks/duties/responsibilities of a Non-Surgical Coordinator:

  • To liaise with new and existing patients and to identify their needs.
  • Act in mediation of all non surgical activity including practitioners/clinicians and administrative duties including booking and scheduling appointments as well as taking money and invoicing patients for deposits and balances.
  • To be pro-active in the means of developing sales outside of the Clinic, including developing business opportunities.
  • To ensure an increase in profit is achieved through the monitoring of sales.
  • To be responsible for meeting and exceeding non surgical sales targets.
  • To liaise regularly with Management in providing sales information and reports as directed.
  • To implement policies and actions as directed by the Clinic/Company and all regulatory bodies.
  •  To liaise with the Marketing Department in developing leads and contacts.

Upsides and Downsides

The industry is highly competitive and challenging and requires the ability to tap into the consumer psyche, behaviour and trends when related to what treatments and upcoming new developments are being offered.

Working in the industry is fast moving and having a passion for aesthetic procedures is essential for those who want to make a real difference in transforming and changing people's life for the better.

Though a very challenging role that demands flexibility in hours including late evenings and weekends as well as keeping up to date with knowledge and training; the industry does provide coordinators with the satisfaction of a job well done, providing motivation and incentive to exceed personal and professional goals.

Skills and Personal Qualities

Non-surgical Coordinators take responsibility and have the initiative, skill and experience to oversee meetings, resolve concerns and complaints, ensure that practitioners adhere to company/clinic regulations and policies and maintain up to date training, as well as other related duties. Coordinators must also be:

  • Sales driven - this role is incredibly demanding and is best suited to someone who has excellent sales experience especially in customer facing roles.
  • Focused - Non-Surgical Coordinators must be prepared, attentive and alert in clinic as they are responsible for all non-surgical activity including, practitioners, patients and sales.
  • Supportive - must be sympathetic and empathetic throughout the patient journey.
  • Encompass high levels of professionalism - Co-ordinators will be communicating information to the patients regarding their interest in non-surgical procedures and so should possess high standards of care at all times.
  • Have strong presentational skills - both on a one to one and group basis when leading consultations and/or Non-Surgical Events.
  • Clerical and administrative experience - coordinators must have computer competency and knowledge of database applications including Word and Excel.

It is important as a Non-Surgical Coordinator to be reassuring and committed to delivering as much information to the patients as possible, as well as ensuring a safe practice of treatment is administered by the practitioner; keeping within the  obligatory governed policies and regulations that must be adhered to.

Entry Requirements

Non-surgical coordinators do not have to have a degree as long as they can demonstrate key skills such as communication, maths and IT competency. However, Coordinators must have experience in achieving sales targets and will ideally come from the healthcare, beauty, leisure and fitness industries.

To be considered, the candidate must be confident in instigating contact and building rapport with prospective new and existing patients through promotion of treatments and products.

Coordinators must be willing to be pro-active when following business leads, highly organised, strive to be high achievers and are confident working within the industry.

Opportunities and Progression

Once experience has been gained within the field of Aesthetics as a Non-Surgical Coordinator, advisors can develop their career by furthering and extending their career branch by becoming:

  • A Non-Surgical Practitioner - most coordinators having a background within beauty, often harbour a desire to further their training.
  • A Non-Surgical Representative - working for a leading brand in the promotion of non-surgical products for use in clinics and surgery groups
  • A Clinic Manager - Once gaining experience as a Non-Surgical Coordinator, management is the next move up the career ladder.
  • A Business Owner - If working for someone else no longer appeals, you may want to extend your career profile or simply want to invest into your future.

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