Onboard Barbering

Barbering is one of the oldest professions in the world. Even Alexander the Great way back in 335BC strongly advocated a professional's touch in the area of facial hair! Mind you, his approach was not so much for the image enhancement of his army, but rather a long beard in enemy hands could have rather unfortunate consequences.

Since then men's grooming has come a long way and progressed rapidly from the red and white candy coloured poles and quick walk in 10 minutes hair service (with a brill creme to finish).

It was perhaps only natural that this progression has led to a greater investment by men in treating and maintaining their skin, especially when you consider the aggressive results that shaving can produce (i.e. ingrown hairs, breakouts and stripping of the skin's natural moisture)

As a result, all facial treatments offered by Steiner's day spas include a skin consultation and analysis along with a skincare prescription for each client to take away. Steiner believes that educating clients really is the key to great results.

Onboard, Mach 3 disposable razors are used for the men's shave along with spearmint - infused ice cool shaving creme, exfoliators and deep cleansing and soothing masks. Warm line facial wraps are used throughout the treatments along with the "Ultimate Facial Massage", which incorporates both Eastern and Western "touches".

Steiner's Menu of Services

  • A full service range of colouring/cutting/style
  • Express shave, 30 min
  • Deep Cleanse Men's Grooming with shave. 45 min
  • The "Shave of all Shaves", 55 min
  • Frangipani hair and scalp massage ritual promoting healthy, conditioned hair with the added benefits of circulation and stress relief, 20 min
  • Gentle touch teeth whitening and brightening treatment (has the ability to lighten teeth up to 10 shades), 40 min

Since being launched just 12 months ago, these exclusive male grooming treatments have proved extremely popular for Steiner's , especially on one of the world's largest cruise liners, which caters for the 18-35 year-old party going crowd.

All barbers working for Steiner's attend their barbering course at the London training academy prior to joining a spa team at sea. Procedures and standards of the treatments are covered, along with product strategies to ensure success in running this demanding column.

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