Opportunities for Physiotherapists at Fitness First

Physiotherapy is the combined approach of soft tissue and joint mobilisation and manipulation with regard to exercise rehab

The aim is to help our members assist their bodies in achieving total- recuperation following damage, dysfunction i.e. postural problems, sports injuries, back pain sciatica neck pain to name but a few, with particular regard for prevention of future problems.

Many of our Therapists offer workshops on the Gym floor for early advice and intervention of recent problems and to confirm there is no serious underlying condition

Every practice within Fitness First is undertaken by chartered & state registered physiotherapists.

Claire Downes is a chartered physiotherapist with over ten years of clinical experience. In March 2007 Claire established her own Physiotherapy business 'The Physio Rooms', with three clinics across London, one of which is based in the Fitness First gym at Shepherds Bush.

Claire treats many different conditions, including spinal pain and sports injuries and uses a combination of manual techniques, ultrasound and the provision of exercise programmes to fully rehabilitate her clients.

Hair and Beauty Jobs talks to Claire about her experience in setting up her own business with Fitness First

To book an appointment with Claire, or for further information, visit www.thephysiorooms.com or call 08704460575.

Q. We've all heard that 'Location, Location, Location' is a vital element to running a successful business. How good is your FF location and why?

I am very fortunate with the location of the Fitness First in Shepherds Bush as it is based within the shopping centre which provides good passing trade. It is local to some large organisations, especially the BBC, and has a car park within the shopping centre which makes it easy for clients to access our services. The gym is directly opposite the Shepherds Bush tube which also provides excellent accessibility for clients.

Q. How many hours a week are you working?

The clinic is covered 24 hours per week by myself and an associate Physiotherapist.

Q. Are you working less hours now than when you first started?

I am working more clinical hours, and I am now spending less time on marketing as my business is growing through word of mouth.

Q. Is it enough to be qualified as a physio to run your own business?

I did have help establishing the business from Fitness First ,  however, I haven't been on any business management courses and I am now running the business independently.

Q. Are you finding you have a captive audience in the FF members?

The members of the gym are definitely a captive audience, although there is a large through put of members and I therefore have to keep promoting myself in the gym to keep them informed of my services.

Q. What does FF offer to physios wanting to set up their own clinic that they wouldn't get elsewhere?

I get many benefits working within the gym. I am able to use the equipment for rehabilitating my clients. I work closely with the personal trainers, which provides an opportunity to knowledge share. Fitness First provides me with the opportunity to promote myself in other businesses when they run wellbeing days. I run events nights on a monthly basis which provides me with the opportunity to introduce myself to the members. I have the opportunity to provide promotions on my services, which are introduced to new members by the sales team.

Q. Do you feel part of a larger team?


Q. What sorts of treatments are you finding are in demand?

Mainly treatment for sports injuries.

Q. What five qualities are needed to run a successful business?

Enthusiasm, dedication, motivation, perseverance and sales skills.

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