Pampering in the Costa del Sol

When you arrive on the coast you will be amazed by the vast amount of hair and beauty salons, all of them flooded with both Spanish and English, the Spanish like to be perfectly immaculate at all times. Long gone are the days, when the Spanish would visit the local village hairdresser for a shampoo and set once a week

Back in the 70's and 80's Andalucia and particularly the Costa del Sol, were primarily quaint Spanish resorts and not where you would expect much sophistication. Certainly if you were visiting there would be lots of sign language, trying to make oneself understood. Over the last decade many British and other English speaking residents have taken to living all or a large part of the year in this area, bringing in their wake a new and improved service industry. Hairdressing and Beauty Salons have increased not only in quantity, but also in quality.

The 90´s saw a huge explosion of hair and beauty salons coming together to offer the client a make over all under one roof which included hair, nails, facials, spray tans etc.. Not only were there more salons opening but there was a huge demand for highly trained stylists and therapists as the rich and famous played on their mega yachts, they wanted to be pampered and preened ready for the night's activities. Golf courses were springing up everywhere, and whilst the men played golf, the Golf Widows would relax in the 5 star spa golf resort. Men had never played so much golf, as the women said of course I don't mind you playing golf today darling!!

Not forgetting the invention of the Men's spa, why shouldn't men look after themselves, does it make a man more desirable when he obviously looks after himself, I think so. Men can indulge in hot towel shaves, manicures pedicures, tanning, electrolysis and other grooming treatments, and who knows they may experience some of the pain that women go through with waxing!

It is very obvious that the beauty Industry is going from Strength to strength, new salons and luxury day spa's are opening all the time, with the vast array of cutting edge treatments and products from around the world, plus last year saw the opening of a health retreat set in stunning surroundings on the coast. Imagine having a Chakra stone massage whilst listening to the gentle waves of the Mediterranean, or practicing Yoga over looking Africa, Heaven!

So there really is no excuse to come to Spain and have a hair out of place, or a chipped nail, and of course whilst visiting Spain, it's a shame not to participate in a little Sun, Sea and Sangria, after all, one can always add a seaweed detoxification treatment to your next Indian pressure point scalp massage, and facial!


© Kathryn Parr member

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