Perfect Look for the Summer

Protection is Perfection!

Although we don't get much direct sunlight in this country, we should be protecting our skin just as we would in a hot climate. The use of a epf (environmental protection factor) instead of an spf (sun protection factor) is so important as not only does it protect us against the sun, it will give us a shield against all environmental factors, such as sunlight, pollution, free radicals, uva and uvb rays and should be used all year round. Damaging rays still penetrate through the clouds and rain!

Most spf's protect us against just the sun. What good is that when you live in Britain? None! The key ingredient here is Zinc Oxide. This gives the widest spectrum of protection against both UVA and UVB rays, which means your skin will be protected against ageing and burning.

Make up during summer time

Make up during summer time, is generally lighter and less obvious than it is in the winter, so opting for a tinted moisturiser is a better choice than a thicker foundation. Most tinted moisturisers now have built in sunscreens, so it is not necessary to also use one under it, although remember and ask yourself, "does it contain Zinc?" If not, I would recommend keeping your epf and make up separate to ensure your skin is protected at all times.

Keep It Simple

Why have the same make up routine all year round? Keep it minimal and make it easy for yourself in summer by using the least amount of make you can and get back to basics by applying make up to define your features and accentuate them. Here's how..

-after moisturising and applying your epf, decide what are your best features and what can you just "not go out without?" Is it your lippy, mascara, or blush? Once decided, concentrate on that particular feature.

-apply a lightweight tinted moisturiser and concealer if necessary.

-use a brow powder to define your eyebrows and apply a brow gel or Vaseline over your brows as they should be shiny like the hair on your head.

-bronzer should be used to shape your face, and should be applied in an e-shape from your forehead, around the sides of your face and at your neck, finish off with a dusting on your nose. This gives you the sun-kissed look.

-blusher should be applied directly onto the apples of your cheeks to accentuate your cheekbones.

-a high sheen cream shadow applied over your entire eye area and under the brow will open up your eye area.

-a light stroke of mascara and eyelash curlers will define the eye area.

-lip-gloss applied on your lips keeps the look chic.

Sticking to these simple steps will ensure you keep the make up simple but striking!

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