Performing well in a brow bar trade test

But when nerves are getting to you, this is always easier said than done. Here are some tips to help you do as well as you can.

Know your stuff

If you’ve been trained well, pay attention and recall everything from your training, performing well shouldn’t be an issue, because all you have to do is what you have been trained to do. No more and no less. You won’t be expected to pull anything new out of the hat. Just study the night before as you would with any other test and put all that you’ve learnt into practice.

Be confident, calm and professional.

Part of what is going to help you perform well on your test is being cool, confident, calm and professional.  What the interviewer wants to see is that you can conduct yourself properly when working with clients and not get easily flustered. After all, you are dealing with the features which frame and can make or break a person’s look. The easier it is for you to get into the zone of being able to produce high quality work under stress whilst being professional, the better chance you will have of passing.

Role play

This is a follow on from the previous point. Part of passing a trade test is acting like you’re with a real life client. This means being immersed in your role of brow expert and forgetting about your actual role of interviewee. If you do this you will be completely focused on your task and unfazed by your interviewer. It is this absolute immersion in your role which will help you pass, because you’ll be so focused on your task that nothing else will matter, which is what the interviewer wants to see.

Be Talkative

This is a small but vital part of the role play. This doesn’t necessarily mean chatty, but it’s a part of being natural, confident and calm. In a real retail environment and brow bar you wouldn’t just start fiddling with someone’s eyebrows, you’d greet them, make them feel comfortable and, most importantly, understand the type of look, shape and colour that your client wants. It’s these things that will make you likeable as a brow expert and make customers return to you, so it’s this quality that your interviewer is going to want to see the most. 

Your interviewer will want to see that you’re going be an asset to their business as a whole, not that you know how to do a brow – that’s a given after your training. They are going to want to see that you can utilise all of that knowledge and combine this with good people skills to give your client the best brow bar experience rather than just a treatment. So just be as natural in the role of professional brow expert as possible, and you are sure to pass.


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