Performing Well in your Beauty Interview and Trade Test

You have already sent your CV and letter, so your potential employer already thinks you have the right qualifications and experience to fit the position that they are looking for – well done you have already jumped the first hurdle!

Beauty Interview Preparation

Preparing for the interview means that you need to research the business; what specialised treatments do they offer? Are you already trained in their chosen products? What are their aims and goals as a business? You also need to think what you can offer the employer, why you are the better choice? For instance - Do you already have a clientele who are willing and able to follow you? Are you flexible in your working hours? Are you trained in any specialised treatments, which they could add to their spa menu? You need to convince them that you'd be an asset to their company and that they couldn't afford NOT to hire you.....sell yourself, promote your talents – whether it's a technical skill or your warm professional personality.

Beauty Trade Test

As a beauty therapist your interview will also include a trade test, so you will need to have with you a uniform and fob watch, most of the time you will be asked to do a back massage and nail paint.

If you are a newly qualified therapist I will advise on practising these on friends and family especially if it's been a while since leaving college, go over theory notes some interviewers may ask you to name a muscle or ask you what the contra indications are to that treatment.

Before commencing the trade test, check your model is comfortable and check the pressure is good when you start the massage. Ensure that the massage flows and demonstrates a range of massage techniques.

Also make sure your massage is in the specified time that they have asked and on completion of the massage placing a warm towel over the back and doing some stretching movements over the towel will give a nice finishing touch. Ask how they feel, offer tips on easing tension for instance another back massage, heat which relaxes tense muscles (i.e.: hot water bottle/hot bath/heated mud after back massage) offer a glass of water and even recommend products to demonstrate your selling skills.

Additional Interview Tips


  • Research the business
  • Arrive early/ promptly
  • Answer honestly and positively
  • Have a can do attitude
  • Highlight strengths, use previous experience as back up
  • Bring certificates/ qualifications
  • Bring uniform /fob watch
  • Smile
  • Ask questions

First impressions count

The interview is the first chance you will get to impress your future employer, dressing comfortably but slightly conservatively in a suit or business attire is your safest bet. Wearing anything too casual will give a 'sloppy' or 'not bothered' image, avoid sleeveless tops instead go for a shirt or blouse.

Hair and makeup is also important for a career in beauty and spa, long hair should be tied up in a french roll/ bun style with minimum hair accessories; make up should be neatly applied.

It's not only what you wear that presents an idea of you to your interviewer but how you carry yourself, even when your anxious as you will be in this situation maintaining a good posture, a smile, eye contact and a firm handshake will give you a confident look.

After the interview

Within a week the company should send you a letter, either offering you the position or rejecting you for the position. If they want you, then great –well done. If they do not, call them and ask if they can tell you why, if there is any area you need to work on or ask for any advice on how you may be more successful.

This might feel like a horrible thing to have to do but you want to see it as an opportunity to learn and grow enabling you to have better success the next time. It may only be that someone else had a bit more range of experience or additional qualifications that you are yet to acquire.


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