Professional Standard IPL Hair Removal - ‘At Home’

Built and manufactured in France, this French beauty secret is now set to take the UK and Ireland by storm.

This innovative IPL hair removal device utilises exclusive technology protected by several patents and uses ‘professional’ standard IPL technology packed into a small and affordable unit for home use.

The E-One can be used on all body areas including the face, bikini, under arms, legs and back. Typically the duration between treatments is 6-8 weeks and after a course of 10 -12 treatments, only one or two top up treatments will be required to maintain beautiful smooth hair free skin.

Approximately one week after treatment, the treated hairs will start to shed from the skin, this shedding process can continue for up to three weeks. Once the hairs have shed then next phase of hair growth will start to grow approximately 40 - 50 days later.

After each treatment the hair re-growth will be lighter in colour, finer in texture and less dense, and any in-growing hairs will see an improvement as this treatment will remove in-growing hairs.

So no more visits to beauty salons, saving time, money and all with the convenience of being able to treat yourself at home when you like and how you like.

Price: £1,390
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Call: Sarah Hickey – 07866 425 899

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