Rachel Garbett, Beauty Job Experiences with Pamper by the Pool

I've always wanted to work abroad and get a break from the norm before I settled down in life.

Pamper by the Pool couldn't have come at a more convenient time. I had recently left my beauty job at decleor to have a leg operation and was in recovery while doing temp office work which enabled me to leave when I wanted with no ties.

The job was advertised in an email sent to me by hairandbeautyjobs.com. I applied online and got an immediate response. I was told I would be leaving in 3 weeks if I was successful which was nerve racking but thought fate would take its course. I decided to go for it and accepted the offer of employment and within days I was preparing to leave!

I firstly headed to the french alps for my product and treatment training, then headed out to Corsica at the end of the week.

On arrival in Corsica I was shown around the island to see where all the villas were located (which are all fairly near to the staff accommodation and easy to find) and familarised myself with local routes to town and the shops etc

The first few days in Corsica involved performing complimentary treatments on the journalists that had come to test out the coastline holidays and their villas.The next couple of weeks were quiet as it was off peak season so I drove around the local areas to find hotels and businesses I could promote myself with. My basic french language was used regularly as most Corsicans speak very little English.

After this the work started to roll in, mainly those of coastline guests who booked in online prior to their holiday.
To help out coastline staff I did the bread run once or twice a week to their guests. I also decided to go to the airport on their transfer day (which was every sunday), this helped me promote my business even further. It also enabled me to make contacts with all the holiday reps there from different companies who eventually became my best friends on the island. I managed to talk the 'holiday options' manager to let me attend her welcome meet on a monday morning every week so I could speak to her group of guests at the hotel.

I also would go and see the coastline guests on a sunday evening once they had arrived and unpacked etc to confirm any bookings they had made or online, or to encourage them to book if they hadn't already done so. Halfway through the week mainly on a Wednesday I would call up the guests who hadn't booked in to remind them of the services.

While in Corsica I was to able to try my hand at waterskiing and went on a couple of beautiful boat trips. My friend came out for the week and stayed with me and also my parents came out later in the season and stayed in a nearby apartment.

You are spoilt for choices of beaches in Corsica and they are all beautiful. There are so many glorious sites to see so there is never any boredom on your day off!

The job itself can be very demanding but also rewarding. you need to be very flexible and be prepared to work late nights as people tend to be on the beach all day! (which gives you time to sunbathe also!)

Coming to a conclusion, this season has persuaded me to stay with the company and return in December to do the winter season in Courchevel. I have never been skiing before and feel this is a great opportunity I will never get again so I'm going for it!

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