Recession Career Change Advice

Published on: 5 Mar 2016

It's official, the UK is in a recession and how long it will last is anybody's guess. Does the big 'R' mean that everything stops? Well in a word 'No!' We certainly don't want to jump up and down with the panic merchant brigade and start believing that everything everywhere is going to be dreadful.


It's like everything in life, during a recession there will be winners and there will be losers. And we all have to make sure that we take steps to minimise any potential risks for us.


Where the job market is concerned some industries and companies will fare better than others. And whilst it's true that some companies will be adopting recruitment freezes and announcing essential staff redundancies others will be creating job opportunities.


However a recession does signal a need for more caution before embarking on a career change than would normally be advised. So before you make the leap take a quick look at our 5 steps to follow and make sure you're not going to be regretting your actions.


Step One

Assess how your Industry is being affected by the recession

The first thing we would advise therefore is to look at the industry you're in and assess how it is faring during this current economic climate. Common sense dictates that industries dealing with health care and the providing of essential everyday needs will be more robust than those dealing with non essential luxury goods.


Have a good look at the salons and spas in your area, talk with others within your industry, do some essential research on the internet and read some of the industry trade magazines to get the low down on how others feel the beauty industry is faring in this current economic climate.


If your industry isn't doing well it could be you're better placed to stay where you are and make yourself as indipensable as you possibly can.


Step Two

Do you have a valid reason for leaving your job?


A bad day at the salon or a ticking off from the salon manager does not really constitute a valid reason for putting forward a letter of resignation. During a recession security is everything and you wouldn't want to find yourself jumping from the 'frying pan into the fire'.


Whatever the issues are ask yourself this question first 'Have I done everything possible to sort out these problems with my current employer?'


If it's more responsibility you're looking for, a small increase in pay, more flexible working hours to suit family commitments, it could well be arranging a meeting with your current manager to discuss the issues is sufficient to solve them.


If you're at the stage where your mind's made up and you feel you have no options left then at least read our guide to 'Resigning the proper way' click here


Step Three

Check whether you could be losing out on some company benefits?


Have you been with your company a long time? If so check your contract carefully and make sure you wouldn't be losing out on some long term employment benefits by leaving at the moment. And if redundancies look like they could be on the cards at your workplace ask yourself would you be better staying and picking up on potential redundancy pay outs?


All we're saying is do your homework and make sure that by leaving your job for a marginal pay increase you're not going to be out of pocket because of some company benefits you could have been entitled to had you stayed.


Step Four

Are you up for some stiff competition?


Yes, there are still good career opportunities out there in the beauty industry at the moment. But you should also be aware that during a recession there can also be more candidates looking for work. These candidates may well be unfortunate by products of the recession; redundancy or business closure.


Be aware that good job opportunities may attract more applications than usual. Ask yourself whether you're up for some potentially tough competition. If you have made up your mind to embark on a career change we would advise you keep your current job until you have a firm offer in writing from another company.


Step Five

Do your homework!


Some would argue that employers advertising job opportunities at the moment are doing well or are advertising strategic positions key to their company doing well. However, this isn't always the case and it's up to you to your homework on the potential company you may be moving to.


You'll be amazed at the amount of information you can find on the internet about companies. You will need to be looking for signs of commercial stability if possible; creation of new vacancies, salon openings etc


Do make sure you do your research well as you wouldn't want to leave the security of your job to go to a company where redundancies could be on the horizon. Sometimes 'last in are first out'....


Remember, nobody is saying you shouldn't entertain a career move during a recession but it's important that you adopt a more cautionary approach and think twice before you blindly leap.


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