Recruiting and Training for Success

All successful businesses are faced with the challenge of recruiting and training on a consistent basis, but without the correct measures in place, such as planning, this whole process can be somewhat of a time bomb waiting to go off.  

The issue we tend to be faced with is leaving it too late and hiring under pressure. This not only results in sometimes choosing the wrong candidate, it can force us into a position where we can be held hostage, placing the newly hired person onto the floor and into the treatment rooms without any or all training.

That is one of the biggest mistakes you can possibly make and will no doubt come back to haunt you in the long run. As hard as it is to accept, you will have no-one else to blame but yourself.

You have to be very clear with your recruitment needs. What exactly are the positions that need to be filled? What exactly is the schedule of work hours that the newly hired employee will be covering?  If you identify this upfront you not only make it very clear to the person when hiring that ‘these are the requirements’, you are also preventing the potential for that person to leave the job soon after being hired, due to the fact they can no longer commit to the schedule you provided. 

One of the best tools you can use to help this process is the treatment room/area coverage. Every room/ space/seat that generates revenue should have a calendar of the hours of operation. Each staff member’s schedule should be placed into the calendar to allow you to see the gaps in your coverage of that revenue generating area. You can then create a hiring schedule from this. 

You will be amazed how many people there are out there that would be happy to fill those ‘awkward timeslots’.  Hiring with this tactic in mind allows you the opportunity to say to future employees during the interview process ‘these are the schedules I need to fill; which one would best suit you?’ 

You are simply getting the employee booked before you even invest your time and money into training them. Once you have managed to identify the needs of the business it’s imperative that you choose to hire the most important roles first. 

Give yourself an appropriate time frame; a realistic time frame from identifying the hiring needs to the actual interview process and the training requirements to them actually being able to fall nicely into your business without any hiccups.  

One of the things we tend to forget is most businesses require their employees to work anything from 2-4 weeks’ notice, following their resignation, so be sure to ask this during the interview. 

Your interview should be very intense and packed with questions, without sounding as if you are interrogating the potential candidate. It’s important you get a clear understanding of not only their trade capabilities but psychologically will they fit your business and current team’s profile?  

If you can’t answer yes to all vital questions then always listen to your gut instinct and say no!

Believe it or not, all new employees should be trained upfront with almost every area of your business. They may not be qualified or certified to cover in that area but should always have a great understanding of it to ensure they will promote from within.  

Every employee should hold enough knowledge to be able to discuss every treatment or service you provide on your menu. They don’t need to get too technical as they can sometimes get lost in translation but for the most part they should be able to do you proud!  

There is one area of your business that every employee should know inside out and that is your reception.  Every employee should know how to not only answer phones but they should be 100% proficient in the computer program you use as your booking system.  

Never should a client or guest have to wait for someone who ‘can help them make an appointment'. This area of your business should be the top priority when it comes to your new hire training program and not only should they be educated in this area, they should work this area for a whole day or two prior to falling into their respective roles. 

I think this not only gives them an appreciation for what the front of house staff actually do, it gives them autonomy to build and fill their own business through the ability to re-book their clients prior to leaving. 
Your training will of course consist of hands on, theory and study time. You must factor in that each individual will absorb information differently and it is imperative you check throughout that they are in sync with the program.  

Don’t wait until the training is over to find they haven’t quite managed to grasp what you need. Above all, as much as this is a vital part of the success of the employee, you must make it fun.

Staff tend to absorb more when the pressure of learning is lifted. Show them the success they will receive as the end result from the hard work and dedication they put into applying themselves during the training program.  Every day of the training you should be asking for feedback on what they would like further information on; this allows you the ability to focus on each individual’s needs which will help with morale in the group. They won’t be stuck learning something they feel comfortable with as this is when morale can start to slide, people lose interest and can go off the beaten track. 

Training and hiring is one of the most rewarding jobs. You’re about to give someone an opportunity of a lifetime and through your years of experience you can share through your training your passion and desire for success to create an amazing team of like-minded people!

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