Redcurrant Revolutionising Temping

Published on: 5 Mar 2016

We pride ourselves on having the best temps within the spa and beauty world and with a huge profile containing some of the biggest names throughout the industry; we strive on providing a quality, reliable and fast service to both our clients and therapists.

Redcurrant Beauty Career Temps

Temping with Redcurrant is a great opportunity to gain experience and grow your career within the Spa & Beauty industry. We have big clients throughout the UK that need regular therapists to cover sickness, holidays, maternity leave and the ultra-busy periods throughout the year. Whether its managing your diary to provide ad hoc cover to a number of spas and salons in your area; or staying put with one and providing long term cover, Redcurrant can give you the pick of the bunch!

Self-Employed Beauty Therapist Temps

Temping alongside your self-employed work can not only benefit you financially but will also keep you up to date with this fast moving industry! Come face to face with new skills, products and techniques to help build your portfolio. Redcurrant can offer you flexible opportunities to fit around you. it's a beautiful change!

Mummies, Students and Travellers as Temps

If you are a mum looking for flexible non-committed work, a traveller waiting to embark onto your next adventure or a student looking for extra income alongside your studies, Redcurrant can hand many opportunities on a silver platter for you to take your pick. With fantastic rates paid to you weekly, its quick, simple, hassle free with absolutely NO commitment!

Registration is quick and easy and you have the option to start as quickly as tomorrow! It's all up to YOU! You are the boss!

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