Salon Decorating Tips on a Budget

Published on: 1 Sep 2017

The aesthetic that you choose can have a serious impact on your customer base and in whether they return time and time again.


First, Focus On The Layout

You want to get the most from the space you have so before you even think about what type of look to create it’s important that you focus on your layout. Take time to get to know the flow and feeling of each area of space. If it’s relatively small then you want to make choices that will make it feel bigger than it is. You can create the illusion of space with the paint colour you choose (or make a large space feel warmer, too).


What You Have Already

You don’t need to immediately run out and blow the budget on new purchases. You should take time to review what you already have first. You may be able to repurpose certain pieces elsewhere, so take the time to really look at what is available and what you can transform it into. Remember, you can sand paint off of furniture and repaint it to repurpose it. Imagine creating hanging displays using old hair dryers (after giving them a clean and a brightly coloured spray paint freshening up) that no longer serve their purpose. Perhaps you’d quite like to create a unique display of old scissors on the wall behind reception. Or, turning a large toolbox into a hairdresser’s station! Remember, there is no limit to your creativity.


Abstract Art

Salons always feature pieces of art, they’re usually large, bright, and colourful. There’s nothing to stop you from creating your own abstract art! Invest in the canvas and frame and try your hand at creating abstract art. It’s subjective anyway, right?


There’s no need to stop at hanging art, you already consider yourself a bit of a creative, right? Think about where else you could put that to good use. Perhaps you can create a unique seating area or reception desk. You can always talk your creative friends into helping you come up with great ideas to create a great talking point for your salon space.


Plant Life

The majority of salons feature large greenery, but those big plants can cost a small fortune. Don’t worry, you have options! You can either borrow cuttings from some of your friend’s garden plants or instead invest in seeds (or a small plant) that you can nurture into a large plant. What can you do in the meantime to disguise the fact that all your greenery is small? You can create a display with hanging plants at various levels, or invest in cute boxes and podiums that stand at different heights and create a display of plant life. There are plenty of ways you can create a cute look with fresh plants without spending hundreds of pounds on big pieces.


Bargain Hunter

The decorating never ends! Look in charity shops and sale sections for random pieces of furniture and accessories that may just create the look of your new salon space. Your local buy and sell page on Facebook is another valuable resource you should be taking advantage of. Many people post things they are trying to give away or selling off at low prices. Often, it’s businesses that are shutting down and looking to clear the decks. So, consider liking all the buy and sell pages in your area (and maybe a bit further afield if you have the time and resource to get there for pick-ups). You really never know what you’ll find.


Creative Displays

One thing that every salon has is supplies, equipment, and tools, so why not use it to get creative? It doesn’t have to be out of sight, you can use it to your advantage and make life easier with quick access to a variety of necessary supplies. You could use a clothesline to hang colour tubes and create a colourful shelf of boxes of colour tubes, too.

Of course, you have to invest in your tools and equipment and that isn’t where you want to scrimp and save, which means that other areas of the business take a backseat. You can still create an incredible space while on a budget! With you can get amazing discount codes and vouchers on furniture, accessories, wallpaper, paint, and more.


So, you see, you don’t have to spend a fortune to decorate your salon space. You can use the bulk of your budget to invest in necessary equipment and supplies and use your creative spark to decorate your salon. All it takes is a bit of ingenuity and a desire to create a space that is unique and reflects your message and style. Your clients will look forward to their visit with you and they’ll tell all of their friends (and social media).


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