Sam Pilkington: Working on the Royal Caribbean Fleet

Published on: 9 Sep 2015

Name: Sam Parkington

Profession: Hairdresser

Where did you train: Blackburn College Hairdressing Academy

Nationality: British  

Age: 22

Time at Sea: 2 years

Current Position: Hairdresser/barber/Go Smile Technician

Best Professional Experience: My best professional experience would have to be setting up the new ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet "Quantum of the seas". This was an amazing experience, to work with so many nationalities from around the world to form the most memorable team.

Most Memorable Day Off: We had an overnight stop Bayonne, New Jersey.  We had just finished setting up the ship and completed an 8 day transatlantic crossing from Southampton.  The ship was staying in Bayonne overnight so we headed into Manhattan New York. We visited Times Square, a very famous restaurant where they performed songs from the musicals, Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, shopping on 5th Avenue and visited Ground zero where the twin towers once stood. This was very memorable experience for me, once in a lifetime adventure.

Favorite Port: I had the privilege of seeing so many ports in Europe and the Caribbean, my favorite port would have to be Bridgetown in Barbados. The beaches in Barbados are beautiful!

How has working at sea changed you? 

Working at sea gives you great benefits, you become more independent, self-sufficient, and confident and gives you an overall different perspective of life. Meeting people from all over the world gives you the skills to adapt to different situations. Not only is it essential on ships to give your 100% to the guests onboard but also to the crew and most importantly your colleagues. You work with them for such a long period of time that they become your family whilst you are away. The friendships you create and most importantly the money you earn. 

Message for someone considering life at sea with Steiner: Are you ready?.... there is no doubt about it, I would definitely recommend a life at sea with Steiner. You are faced with new and exciting challenges everyday even though you're away from home for a period of time it is perfect for anyone wanting a change from the everyday life of home. Visit new places, see new things and become the person you're destined to be by working onboard.

Final Word:

If someone is considering a life at sea I would urge them to one be certain it is what you want and two get ready for the time of your life! It's a white knuckle ride when you get there.