Semi Permanent Makeup Artist

Job Description (What the job involves)

The UK 2014 beauty industry is thriving and is currently at its most influential to date. With Professional Beauty exhibitions and seminars this Autumn, in Manchester, Birmingham and London, we are reminded of how much the Aesthetic industry has transformed over the years.

The beauty industry has always been an expanding sector and today encompasses a broad range of treatments and procedures with new trends and developments being unveiled by thousands of companies. This really is an exciting time for those involved.

Like all treatments that have exploded onto the beauty scene and then faded from the consumer’s psyche, semi-permanent make-up has again resurfaced as a no nonsense treatment that makes a real difference for those that lead a busy and chaotic life!

Often referred to as micro-pigmentation, the technique today is much more developed and is sophisticated and natural in its appeal as a longer lasting non-surgical procedure within cosmetics. This precision art provides a natural outcome that is understated, effective and effortless.  

For immaculate and evenly shaped eyebrows, lip colour that stays in place and for perfectly uniformed eyeliner; semi-permanent make-up is a convenient answer to every girl’s prayers and drives away the monotony of applying makeup daily.

Made from a natural iron oxide, the choice of colour and pigment available is vast and the treatment cost can vary, dependent upon where you live in the UK.

The approximate price range for an initial treatment that includes a follow up appointment (second treatment) can start from:

Eyebrows - £395 - £500
Top & bottom eyeliner - £295 - £500 
Lip liner - £295- £300 
Lip liner and blend £350- £500
Full lip colour - £395 - £500

The treatment has 3 stages of recovery post treatment that includes; “Heal, Peel and Fade.”

The procedure uses hypo-allergenic coloured pigments that are inserted into the dermal layer of the skin. 

Once treatment has been administered, the pigment can appear slightly dark with dry patches forming. The area being treated will take a few days to heal before softening and fading, depending on the individual’s recovery. A suggested second treatment is required and advisable 4-6 weeks after the initial procedure.

The final results are notably remarkable and the desired effect will appear very natural. A recommended top up is advised after 12-18 months post treatment to ensure optimal results. 

The pigment will eventually fade after approximately 2 years, dependent on the individual’s age and skin type.

Skills and Personal Qualities

Semi-permanent Make-up Artists must be required to hold the knowledge, skill and experience to administer and manage their procedures.

Semi-permanent make-up artists must be:   

Empathetic – The most successful Practitioners/Technicians are those that pay attention to their clients and can fully recognise the client’s wants and needs whilst maintaining their confidence.

Have excellent communication skills – Micro-pigmentation Technicians must be informative, helpful and supportive when delivering the highest standards of care during consultation, treatment and after care.

Current - It is essential to always be up to date with topics concerning semi-permanent make-up procedures. Technicians must be pro-active in their own specialised profession by attending seminars and refresher courses to further develop their practice, awareness and knowledge.

Semi-permanent technicians must, at all times, demonstrate...


  •  Pride in their work
  • A commitment to providing an excellent service
  • Maintain a professional appearance
  • Have a positive attitude.
  • Demonstrate willingness to continuing professional development

Entry Requirements

Semi-permanent makeup offers an extremely versatile, lucrative and diverse career pathway. 

The industry can provide a great opportunity to broaden one’s profession and can lead to a successful career in a chosen speciality. As is often the case within this rapidly growing field, there are a wide range of options for training. Success in this industry is directly related to the quality of training undertaken and experience gained.

There are opportunities for professionals such as Nurses, Aestheticians and Beauty Therapists and those with non-industry backgrounds wanting to make a career change and gain an additional career side line. Candidates can qualify in just a few short weeks. 

At present there is no officially recognised qualification for semi-permanent make-up, here in the UK. However, private flexible learning programs make it easy for those wanting to become certified in micro-pigmentation. The training is aimed to instruct learners through a combination of private teaching and practical appraisals within in-house training centres, salons and clinics.

Semi permanent makeup training programmes/courses are incredibly comprehensive and intensive. Five day privately run diploma courses in semi permanent makeup are available and include completing a portfolio, case studies and assessments.

Topics include an overview of semi permanent makeup including colour and pigment, health and safety, law & legislation, client consultation and contra-indications, pre-post treatment advice as well as practical training in brow shaping, lip line and lip enhancements and eyeliner.

The internet, is a great way of finding the nearest and closest training provider.

N.B. It must also be noted that most insurance companies are reluctant and hesitant to insure privately accredited courses, so always check if you can get insurance before enrolling onto a course.

On average a 5 day training course can approximately cost £2,900 and a professional kit can range from £2400.00 to £3800 depending on the machine & kit your training provider recommends.

Total cost for Training + Machine/Kit can approximately cost £6,700

Remember, cost is dependent on where your local training centre or trainer is based.

Further Training

Additional courses are also available to those Professionals who have qualified and gained experience in Micro pigmentation.

Advanced Course - This course is designed to teach Medical tattooing and requires further knowledge and experience in Skin/Dermatology. This course teaches candidates in intense reconstruction, burns and accidents.

Camouflage Technique Course – This is an additional option to learn how to correct mistakes during procedures as well as correcting scars.

Industry Outlook

As we are all aware, the industry can be very fast paced with new products, technologies and treatments being introduced globally. The main objectives are to ensure the sector provides an excellent service to clients. 

Several factors contribute to the expansion, development and demand of those working within the industry, including:

  •  Improved standard of care and service.
  • Meeting the consumers’ needs.
  • Additional growth within the industry

As the beauty industry witnesses an immense range of specialism, those that are involved in micro-pigmentation have a responsibility to belong to a Registered Governed Body that provides a clear charter of practice. The main objective is to continue to drive and equip professionals with the appropriate training and qualifications by adhering to regulatory practices and educating the consumer in the ongoing development of services provided.

Legally, registered qualifications and CPD Courses are a critical feature of any profession thus requiring a strong framework that provides guidance in practice.

At present, there is no such structure, requirement and support for semi-permanent make-up.

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Potential Salary and Benefits

Upon completion of a micro-pigmentation training course, Technicians are eligible (with insurance) to perform the procedure in salons and clinics. Technicians are able to fully market their newly qualified profession and start to reap the rewards on their investment.

A career in semi-permanent make-up can boost an individual’s earning potential without having to pay for additional outgoings and overheads. This career can suit those who want to become their own boss and work when they choose to.

The average salary for a Semi-Permanent Make-up Artist is £25,000 - £30,000 plus a year. However this can vary greatly due to the numbers of treatments performed, days worked, company, business outgoings (products i.e. ink) etc.

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