Silver Lining to Recession Recruitment

Rather than interviewing for company vacancies you might find yourself co-ordinating departmental redundancies and dealing with the resultant fall out from this.

We only need to tune into the news each night to realise that for some industries this is a current, depressing reality.

But there is another brighter, more optimistic aspect to recruitment during a recession, not reported in news headlines that we'd like to share with you. In fact, some would argue if you are able to then there is surely no better time to recruit!

Talented Individuals come out of the woodwork

During a recession there are more candidates available on the job market and talented industry professionals previously hidden away in other companies start to appear on the job market for the first time in years. These committed, loyal individuals through no fault of their own have found themselves being made redundant and are up for grabs for any company lucky enough to be recruiting.

And if other companies are adopting recruitment freezes you'll be in a prime position to start picking up talent you might only previously have dreamt about.

'Hold on a minute' I hear you say, what about all the talented 'would be' jobseekers that are too scared to leave the security of their jobs during a recesssion. Under normal circumstances these individuals would be actively looking but in a recession security is everything.

And we say, that may well be the case, but  the way  to appearing as an attractive proposition to those unhappy in their current situation as well as those talented individuals currently on the job market is to;

Provide some positive indications that your company is offering a secure future. Nobody wants to leave the security of their current position to join a struggling company where redundancy may be just around the corner. What true positive messages can you give to show you're a good choice for someone's future? Are you expanding your business? Opening a new department?

  1. Spice up your current job advertising. Make sure your job advert follows the same AIDA model that other adverts follow: get Attention, hold Interest, arouse Desire and then obtain Action. The candidate more than anything else wants to know what benefits you can offer them. Go the extra mile and you'll be amazed at the increase in quality applications
  2. Advertise in the right places. One of the most popular methods of job searching these days is via the internet. If you're looking for highly targeted, quality candidates then niche job boards are more likely to provide what you're looking for than larger general job boards. And they tend to be a lot cheaper too. Remember 'quality' outweighs 'quantity' in recruitment.
  3. Focus on employment branding. Even  if you've reduced your recruitment function it's important to build on your presence in the marketplace and improve your branding efforts; those key messages you want to convey to the industry about your organisation. External image is everything and when you are ready to resume normal recruitment patterns you'll have a head start. Having a company profile present on a website where professionals in your field visit is a good way of achieving this.
  4. Re-think a recruitment freeze. One could argue that adopting a blanket recruitment freeze doesn't allow your organisation to pick from some of the top quality candidates now coming onto the market. An alternative strategic move could be to evaluate the effectiveness and productivity of all current staff, reconsider the position of those that aren't producing or are surplus to requirements and adopt a policy of recruiting some superstars for positions that will be key in leading the company forwards.

Every cloud does have a silver lining and this recession is throwing up some great candidates. If you are able to make sure you benefit from some of the opportunities.

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