Published on: 7 Jun 2016

A-lister fans of Skeyndor include: Nicole Kidman, Eva Longoria, Sophie Dahl, Monica Bellucci, Penelope Cruz, Kelly Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne… so Saks are in fabulous company!

From its base in beautiful Barcelona, Skeyndor products and professional treatments are loved by women in over 50 countries worldwide. Skeyndor is the number 1 skincare brand in Spain and is rated as one of the top 15 cosmetic brands in the world.

Saks Beauty Boss Ceri Silk says: “Skeyndor products and Mesoscience technology fit perfectly with the Saks philosophy of making our customers feel special, by providing results-driven, non-invasive treatments; tailored to meet your individual requirements.”


Aquatherm for sensitivity, redness and blemishes
Body Sculpt for body shaping, cellulite and stretch marks
Clear Balance for acne, oiliness and scarring
Corrective for wrinkle filling, plumping and lifting
Derma Peel Pro for ageing, sun damaged skin
Eternal for wrinkles, scars and increased skin density
Global Lift for lack of firmness and sagging jowls
Power C+ for uneven tone and first signs of ageing
Power Hyaluronic for dehydration and fine lines
Power Retinol for uneven skin texture, wrinkles and sun damage
Sun Expertise for sun protection
Urban White for treatment of pigmentation

When asked for must-have starter products, Ceri recommends:

FACE: Power HA Moisturising Booster and Power C+ Cream (smells divine)
BODY: Body Sculpt anti cellulite cream to target those stubborn areas
TREATMENT: Power facials… your Saks therapist will prescribe one that’s perfect for your skin


Mesoscience by Skeyndor provides a patented four-current system to break through the skin’s resistant barriers, transporting active ingredients into skin cells whilst simultaneously providing a lift to the skin.

The treatment includes an Activating Current – Galvanic Electrotherapeutic, used to promote greater penetration in the treatment application area, ensuring a greater amount of the active ingredient is absorbed.

Hydro-electrophoresis, a non-traumatic method using pulsed Galvanic current, helps active ingredients in water solutions to penetrate inside the skin tissue. This transports molecules across the dermal barrier using one million pulses per second.

Electroporation (the true Mesotherapy current) promotes permeability of the cell membrane, assisting the passage of treatment solution into the cell; and Cryo-electrophoresis, a localised Cryotherapy application, moves the treatment solution to the lower layers under optimum conditions.

Claire Denyer, salon owner of award-winning Saks Hair & Beauty Kings Hill says: “Customers and therapists LOVE Skeyndor already! We’ve received fabulous customer feedback eg ‘Best facial ever!”