Skilled Hair and Beauty Workers Set For Salary Hikes

With the public enjoying a higher disposable income to spend on leisure pursuits and a diminishing popularity for traditional trades like plumbing and building, certain vocational professions are set for wage hikes higher than the national average, according to training organisation City & Guilds.

As Britons hunger for the ultimate fitness levels, gym workers will be one of the main beneficiaries, the report said, with the top instructors earning a £80,000 salary by 2020, much more than the predicted £52,576 national average for skilled professions.

Hairdressers and beauticians, who currently enjoy a 6% annual salary increase compared to the 2.99% national rate, will also reap the rewards of those seeking the body beautiful, while the workforce of traditional sectors will prosper, particularly plumbers, electricians and construction workers.

In addition, the introduction of longer opening hours for pubs and bars will put qualified door staff at a premium, City & Guilds predicted, with senior security guards commanding £70,500 a year on average in 2020, almost £20,000 above the estimated national figure.

Keith Brooker, from City & Guilds, said: "There will be an increasing demand for vocational workers in the UK, so it's really encouraging to see that there are clear incentives in terms of their earning potential, which will ultimately attract more people into these occupations over the coming years.

"We've also been delighted to see the clear career paths for skilled workers highlighted by the research, which just goes to show that a vocational occupation can offer a fulfilling job for life."

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Published: 09/01/2006

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