Skin Spa Therapist

Published on: 6 Feb 2018

Job Description (What the job involves)

Skin Spa Therapists typically work in either day spas or increasingly nowadays in retail environments representing a skin spa product brand either on the counter or within their store housed beauty spa. As a skin therapist you will be responsible essentially for helping clients achieve and maintain good skin health and appearance.


Because no one person’s skin is the same as another so skincare companies offer a broad range of products to address the needs of different skin types and conditions. As a Skin Spa therapist you will need to have excellent knowledge of the skin care brands you represent including the ingredients they contain and be able to assess your client’s skin so that you can recommend and/or deliver a bespoke and tailored treatment plan and offer advice for making the most of their skin.


A thorough consultation at the outset is therefore essential so that the therapist can ask questions to gain feedback from their client on their main skin concerns and what products they currently use. Some companies will also offer a professional skin diagnosis where the  skin therapist will use a tool to establish the health of their client’s skin and identify areas where the skin is dehydrated, pores congested or affected by hyper-pigmentation.


The consultation will often result in a facial suitable for addressing the client’s main skin concerns. These can range from relaxing holistic facials to a glycolic peel facial. Any facial normally includes a cleanse, tone, exfoliation, massage and mask and all tend to vary with the use of additional products depending on the product range and the desired outcome.


The therapist will be able to further give feedback on the condition of the client’s skin and advise on how to achieve premium skin health on a daily basis including when and how to apply the skin products they are investing in. Aftercare advice is crucial to make sure the client goes away happy and keeping up with the best skincare advice to keep their skin looking revived and youthful.


Many skin spa therapists perform other treatments throughout their day such as massage, nails and waxing to help break up their working day. They will be given a column’s worth of treatments to carry out within their day and the majority of treatments will vary depending on their skill set.


Make no mistake though this job asides from providing treatments is often target oriented. Most companies will give their skin therapists targets to work towards and you will be expected to proactively create opportunities when passing traffic and footfall is low.

Hours and Working Environment

Some skin spa therapists work within a day spa setting and will probably in such cases work with more than one product brand. The company will send them off for product training which will enable the therapist to learn all the products, patented treatment routines plus to enable them to learn new tips with their retail sales. Whilst those working within a retail environment may typically represent one brand; such as dermalogica, Clarins or Elemis.


You have to be flexible with your hours and be prepared to work weekends, evenings and bank holidays

Upsides and Downsides


  • Getting to meet new clients, giving the therapist and client a good sense of wellbeing.
  • Training and learning new skills with various skin care companies.
  • Gaining extra commission and bonuses for meeting retail targets.
  • Giving the therapist chance to work in different environments i.e Spa/Salon/Store
  • Working with some of the best products on the market
  • Customer satisfaction


  • Can be quite tiring and physical being on your feet all day.
  • You’ll be expected to generate product sales; being a target driven job it can be quite stressful if the targets are not met.
  • Traffic stopping customers
  • Some clients can be quite demanding which can make meeting their expectations high and challenging.
  • Working in a spa environment can mean a lot of unsociable hours; which includes evenings and weekends.

Skills and Personal Qualities

  • Professional manner.
  • Conscientious and respectful.
  • A good team player.
  • Well presented at all times.
  • Organised and tidy within their working surroundings.
  • Confident at retail sales; comfortable working to daily retail targets
  • If working in a retail environment, happy to traffic stop customers
  • Willing to work flexible hours including evenings and weekends
  • Focus on providing great customer service
  • Really good communication skills

Entry Requirements

A recognised beauty therapy qualification is required; mostly NVQ level 3 or equivalent to include facial electrical modalities

Potential Salary and Benefits

Typical pay starts at around £16,000 basic with commission of around 2.5% on products and treatments. Depending on the company you work for OTE of £24,000 per annum is achievable