Skingenesis Brings Botox Expert to Leeds

Research released last week by The Consulting Room suggests that consumers are confused as to who is legally allowed to administer Botox®. While 69% of people questioned correctly identified that doctors could deliver it, 45% said they thought nurses could legally administer the drug, which they cannot do without either a Nurse Independent Prescriber qualification or supervision from a doctor. Most worryingly of all, 19% of people questioned believed Beauty Therapists could administer Botox®, and 3% and 1% respectively believed Nail Technicians and Hairdressers could legally provide the potentially dangerous toxin.

Under current laws only doctors, dentists and adequately qualified nurses can legally treat patients with Botox®.

SkinGenesis, a leading provider of non-surgical cosmetic treatments, who also have clinics in Manchester and Leeds, has employed Dr Steven Kaldor, an expert on Botox® (known as Vistabel® in the UK) and dermal fillers to deliver the treatments in all three of their clinics.

Dr Kaldor is a member of the Vistabel® validation board and has established the Facial Aesthetics Academy in order to train others in the delivery of Botox®. He has a special interest in facial aesthetics and lectures and teaches extensively to other medical professionals within the field.

In addition, all SkinGenesis clinics are registered with the Healthcare Commission in order to provide their clients with an exceptional service. Employing only trained nurses and therapists, SkinGenesis provides excellent advice to their clients and ensure they receive the most innovative treatments available.

Cosmetic surgery, and especially treatments that can be conducted with very little downtime, are growing in popularity at an astounding rate in the UK. It is estimated that £659 million will be spent on 690,000 procedures in 2007. And of this figure, 85% will be made up of non-cosmetic procedures. The relatively cheap price of Botox® means demand is greater than ever, yet without the proper regulation a dangerous precedent could be set in which high street providers can undercut the more reputable, Healthcare Commission registered clinics.

Peter Beard, Director of SkinGenesis commented "The administering of Botox® is a highly skilled procedure, and so clients need to be extremely careful they are receiving it from someone who is trained in its delivery. By employing Dr Kaldor, we can be sure we are providing our clients with the best service available, at the minimum risk"

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