Skyler McDonald Art Director with seanhanna

Skyler McDonald is a highly talented hair stylist who started her career at the seanhanna Canary Wharf salon 4 years ago. She now works as an Art Director for the seanhanna Group at their Wimbledon Salon.

Hair and Beauty Jobs talks to Skyler about her experiences with the highly acclaimed seanhanna group.

Q. What attracted you to hairdressing?

I loved the idea that I could work with people to make them look and feel beautiful! Doing this every day gives me the best feeling ever!

Q. Why did you choose seanhanna?

The seanhanna teams have an excellent reputation and after my interview, I had such a good feeling about the company and its outstanding prospects for ongoing training. I have had immense support and commitment from the directors and my colleagues, and am thrilled to be working with the art team on exciting new projects.

Q. What is your position and how long have you been with them?

I started my career at the Canary Wharf salon 4 years ago, and am now an Art Director, based at the Wimbledon salon.

Q. What are the qualities that make a good hairdresser?

Successfully identifying the needs of a client marks the difference between a satisfactory hairdresser and an excellent one. Stylists can learn the technical skills but it's important to relate well with a client and to understand what they are aiming for. A fantastic hairdresser will want to go that extra mile for their client and create something special personally for them.

Q. What do you like best about hairdressing?

I like the fact that it's a very creative industry and that there are so many more doors open to stylists nowadays - with hard work and a great attitide, it really is possible for you to have your own business, be an art director, a 'top' salon stylist, or may be a teacher - the possibilities are endless.

What do you like least?

I feel that good stylists are often forced to keep their prices lower than is realistic. A good stylist who delivers a really professional cut, blow dry service should be able to charge a rate that is more in line with an "upmarket" service. Ultimately this would raise the image of the industry.

Q. What have you gained by working at seanhanna?

I have gained an enormous amount of experience - yet every day I feel I am learning something new. Building up a new clientele at my new salon has been very rewarding - and working with my new team inspires me on a daily basis. (Hopefully too my work inspires others!) Being able to travel abroad with the art team and meeting other hardressers from all over the world has also widened my horizons and given me fresh ideas to think about.

Q. What is the high point of your career so far?

2005 was a great year for me artistically - I won a place on the FAME team and travelled to Australia. That year I also won the TIGI Visionary Award and won a place on the TIGI Inspirational Youth Team. I had a great time - and I am aiming to have many more!

Q. What are your aspirations?

Creating my own signature collection is my personal goal! I have visions for the art team and would like to be instrumental in raising the profile of the seanhanna group in an 'artistic' way.

Q. What advice would you give to someone looking to pursue a career in the hair industry?

Do your research, look around thoroughly, don't just 'fall into any salon'. When you find that salon, always show a willing attitude and lots of enthusiasm. It won't go unoticed and you never know what it might lead to. Always be aware of any opportunity that might present itself.


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