Sourcing Your Beauty Uniform

But it can be difficult knowing how to go about creating that stylish look whilst at the same time meeting health and safety requirements and being comfortable in your work. Our beauty uniform guide aims to help therapists achieve this goal.

Beauty Therapist Uniform Guide

Your beauty college will require you to purchase a beauty uniform and you should check in the first instance if your college has any specific uniform code to adhere to. Your uniform will likely consist of the following:

Beauty tunic - Tunics come in a variety of colours and an array of modern and classic styles. Your choice may come down to personal taste or be dictated by the salon or college’s branding. Aside from style you need to ensure you choose a tunic that isn’t too tight, giving you room to easily move around especially when giving massage treatments. Look for a top that has side vents to keep you fresh and easy care fabric to ensure you can easily wash out any stains and maintain a fresh appearance at all times.

Beauty fob watch - There is usually a strict allotment of time given per beauty treatment and most professional therapists will refer to a fob watch to ensure they don’t run over time. This can be attached to your uniform.

Therapist trousers - Most colleges require full length trousers that can be coordinated or matched to the beauty tunic.

Foot wear - Correct foot wear is essential to ensure the therapist adopts the correct posture during treatments. As you’ll be on your feet for much of the day you will be required to wear flat or low heeled black shoes which are enclosed to protect the toes from injury.

Beauty Uniform Suppliers

Your college may have a small selection of uniforms available to purchase or a recommended uniform suppliers list and there are various high street shops where you can purchase individual parts of your uniform. However, it can be challenging finding all the items you need in one place and options may be limited. Because of this most professional therapists prefer to source their uniform and accessories online from a specialist work wear provider where more choice is available and often at discounted pricing. One such specialist online supplier is Alexandra.

Alexandra offers a range of beauty uniforms and salon accessories, available in a variety of styles and contemporary colours which can be embroidered with personalised company logos for brand identity. And their online sizing and measuring guide means you can order in the safe knowledge that your choice of uniform will perfectly fit and flatter your body shape and individual measurements so completing your therapist look.

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