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One of my biggest frustrations when visiting existing business' or start-ups is 'guess work' - theory and emotional reasoning presented as 'fact'!

The only reason this frustrates me is that more often than not there just simply is no need. If we want to know what our guests want...lets ask them? If we want to know why something is not working for our team...lets ask them? The simple art of questioning often gets lost and we under value the power of its simplicity.

It's not just the answers to our questions. It's our customers ideas, feedback and creativity we miss if we don't engage them. Leading brands and organisations have for years been tapping in to the powerful insight of its customers: actual or target.

Lets look at some leading examples of engaging our customers:

  • Walkers - A leading manufacturer of crisps. Currently asking its customers to create the next leading 'flavour'! A cash incentive awaits the innovative creator.
  • Dutch supermarket chain Albert heijn offered its customers one minute shopping sprees for feedback and ideas on how to improve their stores, websites and collateral. With individual stores committing to promote and implement the top ideas.
  • Even automotive's when Peugeot's worldwide ran a design competition for the shape and style of its next car with the 'Concours Design'.
  • TV episodes like Friends and the L-word asking it's fans to create an original script for its next episode. With the winner attaining a leading script session from it's writers.
  • Muji's design awards themed 'Sumi' invited individuals to create an innovative design piece for within the home. With the winning design threatening seasonal appearance across every site from Tokyo to London!
  • Nokia concept lounge - offered its fans the chance to design the next cool phone. Manufactured as the Nokia 888!.
  • L'Oreal - invited its customers to believe they too 'were worth it'! as they screened across the world for the next model to star in future International TV commercials.
  • Mastercard - Called out to those who believed they were the ones capable of writing the next 'priceless ad'. So many applications flood through to Mastercard even today......some of which have given me hours of amusement!

So, what can we learn from these leading brands?

Well fundamentally we should be asking and engaging with our customers much, much more than most of us do. What stops us from creating such stories? Why not ask our customers to create the next spa day programme for our hotel, resort, day spa or club? How about the ultimate spa lunch or menu? Or even the most effective promotion, members offer or shopping event?

Let's enjoy exploring and listening to what our customers want and need - lets engage them in the forward direction of our business and brand.

If you want your business to benefit from the creativity and insight of your customers contact us today and together we will ensure your asking the right questions!

Work with Lead Spa Consultant & Business Strategist, Michelle Hammond, to create your very own 'Customer Interaction Strategy'. Coaching & Mentoring sessions start from:£500 per half day OR £750 per day. Support that's guaranteed to get your customers working with you.

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