Spa Treatments Coordinator

Job Description (What the job involves)

The Spa Coordinator role has become an essential position within many spas as its core focus is to ensure that all spa guests are given the ultimate in good customer service from the very first time they contact a spa to when they leave having had their treatments. 

Spa coordinators also provide support to spa therapists and the spa manager but often form part of the front of house operation team and in some ways the role has evolved from that of spa receptionist. But as a dedicated treament coordinator you'll be expected to have a more in depth knowledge of spa products and services so that guests can be given the best specialist advice as to what treatments would suit their needs. This is vital if guests are to have the most satisfying experience at your spa.

Reception duties however still form a valuable part of the job as spa coordinators will very much be expected to greet anyone that arrives at the spa, deal with incoming enquires and book treatments and special spa packages onto the spas client booking and appointment system. Some guests may also require a guided tour of the spa and its facilities and you'll be expected to show them around and answer any questions they have about the spa facility.

Spa Coordinators will also be expected to be fully up to-date with a clients previous homecare plans and purchases and to actively retail products; actively promoting any current offers but also up-selling services wherever possible to maximise revenues.

You'll be expected to regularly review the set up of the spa and surrounding areas ensuring that the reception area or example is both tidy and welcoming, that guests waiting for treatments have access to beverages, that waiting areas are clean of clutter, that used towels are entered into the correct laundering channels and so the list goes on. 

As you can see the role of a spa coordinator is a vital one for both the smooth running of a spa and its operations but also its commercial success.

Hours and Working Environment

Your working environment should be pretty pleasurable as most spas are geared towards comfort and relaxation. Your hours will probably follow the opening times of the spa. So expect to be flexible especially towards some evening work and/or weekends

Skills and Personal Qualities

Spa Coordinators are the true brand ambassadors of spas. Therefore everything about the coordinator must reflect the professional standards and values of the spa they represent.

Starting with your appearance and how you come across to people; you'll have to be immaculately presented and positively charming with spa team members, spa management staff and spa clients. You should consider yourself an expert in spa etiquette and have impeccable manners. Coupled with this will be an engaging personality and the skils to have people warm to you, whether over the phone or in person. In short you need to display supreme skills in delivering great hospitality.

As brand ambassadors you also need great in depth knowledge of the spa and the products and services it offers. Guests will look to you to advise them on the best treatments available and for this you'll need good solid background knowledge of various holistic products and treatments and their benefits but more than this the ability to clearly explain such treatments to your guests.

You'll likely be booking appointments onto the spas client booking system so experience with online reservations systems often proves useful

Entry Requirements

There are no formal requirements for this role but previous experince working as a spa therapist would help as would previous experience either working front of house especially in a hotel or spa or in some customer service oriented or hospitality role.

Opportunities and Progression

Many spa coordinators can progress to spa management positions but advancement will be easier if you can demonstrate experience in marketing, staff supervision, accounting, training and educations.

Industry Outlook

The industry outlook for spa coordinators is looking positive especially in a high competitive spa market where the important link between excellent customer service and commercial success is now being realised. 


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