Spa Receptionist

Job Description (What the job involves)

Spa receptionists play a vital part in the successful running of any spa operation as their job entails them being business ambassadors as they're usually the first spa staff members that customers come into contact with. They have enormous impact therefore on the opening impression that a customer will have of a spa.

Typical duties of a spa receptionist

  • Meet and greet all clients - Spa receptionists work on the front of house team and will generally be where clients go first when entering the spa. The receptionist will be expected to greet the customer in a warm and friendly manner and ensure they feel welcome
  • Provide refreshments - Some spas require their spa receptionists to ensure that clients awaiting treatments in the waiting area are able to get refreshments. It really does depend on the setup of the spa but may involve making tea, ensuring water is freely available and that tea/coffee dispensers are stocked.
  • Deal with spa treatment bookings - Spa receptionists will be expected to deal with treatment bookings, either in giving information about the specifics of each treatment and the pricing or in booking customers an allotted time to receive some treatments. Smaller spas may operate a manual booking system whilst some of the larger spas will almost certainly run spa booking software which the spa receptionist will be expected to learn and operate. Some bookings will be taken over the phone whilst others will be taken in person at the spa.
  • Process payments - The spa receptionist will have to handle taking payments for spa treatments, products purchased, spa membership sales etc. As well as operating a PDQ machine the spa receptionist will need to issue receipts and ensure in some cases that cash taken is reconciled to receipts issued at the end of the working day.
  • Manning the telephones/operating the switchboard - You will be expected to answer incoming calls and thereafter deal with any enquiries, transfer calls through to more appropriate persons or take a message.
  • Keep the reception are clean and tidy - The reception area will have to be kept clean and tidy at all times and the spa receptionist will be expected to assist in this process
  • Retail spa and beauty products - Most spas will stock select products (i.e. Elemis, decleor) to retail to their customers and these products may be displayed on or near the spa reception desk. Most spas will require their spa receptionists to have knowledge of these products and be able to assist with customer enquiries in the absence of any therapists and to sell these products.
  • General administrative duties - dealing with any paperwork which may involve photocopying, filing etc
  • Support therapists and housekeeping staff - This may involve helping therapists get rooms ready for treatments, making sure customers are helped get ready for their treatments or supporting housekeeping staff to ensure stocks of towels, robes etc are available.

Upsides and Downsides

By and large it largely depends on the spa you're working for. Working on the reception desk of a small or quiet spa may become quite boring and hours spent can seem very long. But if you're lucky to get work on the front desk of a busy spa then you'll find yourself busier than you ever imagined possible and will need to ensure you are able to multi-task and be organised otherwise you could find yourself getting into a muddle.

Skills and Personal Qualities

The following are desirable qualities found in a spa receptionist:

  • High standards of personal appearance, well groomed
  • Well spoken
  • Sunny, warm personality
  • Friendly and courteous
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Well organised with ability to multi-task
  • Dependable
  • Good team player
  • Good written skills

Entry Requirements

Generally there are no formal requirements to become a spa receptionist as what's of prime importance is your hosting and customer service skills. But given you could be operating salon software to be IT literate is useful as is the ability to write well.

Some spas will require that their receptionists have previous experience of working front of house in a salon or spa environment. This is because such experience will help in their understanding of the needs of the spa front of house operation. And in some cases it may even be desirable that the spa receptionist is a qualified therapist or has undergone some specific product training.

Potential Salary and Benefits

It really does depend on the size and location of the spa and amount of experience that the receptionist has so you have to bear this in mind when viewing any salary estimates. However you can expect to earn an annual salary of around £17,000 with some of the larger spas paying up to around £21,000.


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