Spa Supervisor

Published on: 27 Apr 2016

Job Description (What the job involves)

The role of a spa supervisor is to lead by example a spa team  to deliver an exceptional serice to their clients and ensure that a spas operations run smoothly. Depending on the size of the spa you may in addition to overseeing spa therapists also oversee spa front of house staff, hair stylists, spa attendants and pool attendants. In many ways you'll be seen as a strong number two; in command of the spa whilst ever the spa manager is away. You also act as a key link in the spa hierarchical structure between spa therapists and spa manager.

The responsibilities of a spa supervisor will largely be determined by the size of the spa operation. In smaller spas although you'll be overseeing a smaller team of therapists you could find yourself performing a wider scope of duties such as payroll, admin and reception. In general terms though the main duties of a spa supervisor are as follows:

  • Head up a team of spa therapists and act as a 'role model' demonstrating by example the high standards of customer care and treatments your spa demands. Your sphere of influence will also extend if applicable to reception areas
  • Ensure your are knowledgeable of all spa services, products  and treatments so that you can train spa therapists under your control
  • Ensure spa team members are aware of company health and safety procedures; making sure you report any oberseved safety issues or accidents to spa management
  • Assist the spa manager as and when required  in the hiring, training and motivation of spa staff
  • Conduct checks on both treatment rooms and wider areas of the spa to ensure it's clean, tidy and well stocked with products and provisions. 
  • Conduct pool testing and checks on other services such as jacuzzi, sauna and notify engineering and maintenance staff of any maintenance issues
  • Motivate therapists and ensure they have the confidence and skill set to promote and sell spa services and retail spa products. Typically you'll be working to retail targets that are a percentage of revenues raised
  • Be on hand to deal with any customer issues; typically if any issues arise you'll be first port of call and direct contact for clients
  • Assist the spa manager in the selection and ordering of spa products, supplies and equipment

Skills and Personal Qualities

It should go without saying that a spa supervisor should have in depth knowledge of the spa industry in general and good knowledge of spa products, therapies, treatments and the various services typically offered by a spa operation.

However it's also imperative you command the trust and respect of your fellow spa staff members who will look to you for guidance and leadership. It should come as no surprise therefore that you need excellent communication skills and also an unwavering committment to the keeping of  high standards throughout the spa. This means looking the part; in having an immaculately pressed uniform, excellent grooming in hair and makeup and high personal hygiene standards. 

But high standards of presentation also extends beyond yourself to the wider spa environment. Spa Supervisors need to oversee and ensure treatment areas, changing rooms, relaxation rooms, facilities and pool areas are spotlessly clean, well stocked and safe. For this you'll need a keen eye for detail. However, it's no good just you having high standards and no-one else. As spa supervisor you need the skills to set benchmarking of standards within your spa and to then have the communication skills to explain these to your staff and to supervise them.

Supervision of a spa set up requires great organisational skills, a calm exterior even under pressure, an understanding of commercial principles and the ability to resolve customer and staff conflcist.

Entry Requirements

To become a spa supervisor you'll definitely need an NVQ level 3 in level 3 beauty therapy or equivalent. If you have an international qualification such as CIDESCO then all the better, 
You'll also find a qualification in holistic massage or holistic therapies useful.

Asides from the qualification, employers will almost certainly require you to have at least 3 year's experience working in a spa.

Opportunities and Progression

Spa Supervisors often progress into spa management. 

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