Spa Therapist

Job Description (What the job involves)

A spa therapist works in a spa setting (day spa, resort spa, medi-spa) and delivers spa treatments and techniques; massage, body scrubs, body wraps, therapeutic baths. They are called 'therapists' for a very good reason as they promote a sense of well being and other therapeutic benefits for their clients.

A Spa therapist would be expected to fulfil the following duties;

  • Create a Relaxing Atmosphere. People visit a Spa to escape the stresses of their everyday life, to be pampered and at times to receive health benefits. It is a Spa Therapists responsibility to ensure they do everything they can to help make the environment as relaxing and serene as possible.
  • Deliver Spa Treatments. Within a spa enivironment Spa Therapists have to deliver body treatments; body wraps, aromatherapy, body scrubs

Skills and Personal Qualities

  • Professional Attitude. A Spa Therapist has to be the consummate professional at all times; immaculate appearance, excellent customer service, smile
  • Calm under Pressure. A spa is a relaxing haven for people, somewhere where they can relax in a beautiful, serene environment. The Spa therapist is key to creating this ambience and must do everything she can to maintain the serenity; keeping calm under pressure, leaving personal problems at home, have patience
  • Desire to serve. Spa Therapists have to be sincere about caring for people and get a real buzz about making a difference to people's lives

Entry Requirements

The Spa Industry offers exciting career opportunities for job seekers looking to break into the industry for the first time, or experienced therapists wanting to extend their abilities and take the next step in their career.

Within the spa world you may start you career as a spa assistant to gain experience in the environment or you may want to gain a first hand introduction to the industry as a spa receptionist which would place you at the front of house dealing with the administration / booking systems and providing excellent customer care. Alternatively, you may have or plan to gain beauty therapy or massage qualifications which will allow you to specialise in hands-on therapy. Whatever you choose, it will be important that you have excellent people skills, a genuine interest in helping people and the enthusiasm to make a difference.

Opportunities and Progression

The outlook for Spa Therapists is very rosy especially since spa is one of the fastest growing sectors of the beauty industry. Spa Therapists have a myriad of different spa therapies and treatments to aspire to.

Opportunities exist to move onto senior therapist or management.


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Potential Salary and Benefits

In many ways Spa therapists earnings mirror a beauty therapists.

Because a therapist's earnings are dependant on so mnay factors: location, business type, therapist experience, qualifications we can only give a rough guide to salary expectations.

Starting out Spa therapist - £10K

Spa therapist with several year's experience - £15K to £19K

Spa Manager £20K to £25K and on occasion upwards

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