Steiner Cruise Jobs - What's involved Working On-Board a Luxury Cruise Liner

Steiner is a leading force in the global spa industry. The story behind Steiner's success began back in 1934 when Herman and Abigail Steiner opened their first hair salon in London.

Such was their success that they subsequently opened a string of salons in England and launched the very 1st maritime salon aboard the Queen Mary in 1947.

Years on and Steiner has gained many more spa contracts aboard luxury cruise liners. They now regularly recruit hairdressers, massage therapists, nail technicians and beauty professionals to work aboard over 116 luxury cruise liners.

Steiner Cruise jobs - Questions and Answers

Qualifications / Training Requirements

Q. What industry qualifications do you require?

You must be certified within your chosen profession. Steiner are regular recruiters on hair and beauty jobs and required qualifications are detailed on their adverts. It is also beneficial, but not necessary, to have work experience within your trade.

Q. If my application is successful do I have to undertake any further training?

Absolutely, you will have to learn about all the treatments and product ranges available aboard the ships.

Q. Where does the training take place?

All suuccessful applicants living in Europe are expected to attend the Steiner Training Academy in London.

Q. How long does the training last for?

The training will vary from 1-12 weeks, depending on nature of course and onboard positions available. Afterwards, training continues aboard the ship

Q. Do I receive an industry recognised certificate at the end of my training at The Academy?

You don't receive an industry certificate as such (like a Steiner training certificate). However, after you have finished your training in Elemis (our holistic body treatments) and La Therapie (our facial electrics) we give you a certificate for both these courses.

Q. What will I learn during my training?

During your training you will learn about Steiner specific treatments and products, retail sales, life aboard the ship and training on respected products like Elemis.


Q. How long will my work contract last?

Your work contract with Steiner will last 8 months

Q. What will happen at the end of my contract?

Steiner will pay for your flight back to the UK and then the world really is your Oyster. Steiner training is amongst the best in the industry and will stand you in good stead for gaining a job within a quality organisation. You may have become hooked by life at sea and join Steiner's 'Back2sea' programme. Or who knows you may go on to teach yourself at the Steiner Training Academy.

Many of the trainers at the Academy have been recruited from within Steiner and have spent some time themselves at sea.

Q. Do free meals and accommodation form part of my contract?

All food and accommodation is provided by Steiner. This means that you have no expenses on board. The only expense is the tip you give to your cabin steward for making your bed and putting clean sheets and towels in your cabin every day.

Q. What is a typical working week?

Working hours can be 7am to 7pm or 8am to 8pm, with 1½ days off per week.

Q. Can I choose a particular ship or location?

No, this will not be possible for your first contract. The ship you are allocated is often based upon when positions become available, the length of your training and where your skill set best fits.

Q. Can I request to work on the same ship as a friend or partner?

Unfortunately, due to berthing arrangements, being placed as a couple is not possible. There is no guarantee either that you will be able to be placed with a friend. Each company is allocated a separate amount of cabins that they need to fill with their own staff.

Q. Will I be expected to fulfil any 'ship' duties not laid out in my contract?

You need to fulfil the health and regulation onboard and attend all drills that are required on board.

Q. Do you provide medical insurance?

Steiner provides limited medical insurance the details of which will be accompanied by your work contract

Pre Boarding arrangements

Q. How much luggage can I take with me?

The maximum weight allowance is 20 kilos, and 5 kilos for hand luggage. We would suggest you only bring one suitcase as you alone will be carrying it to the ship, and once there, you will need to store this in your limited cabin space. Any type of case is acceptable, but if you can find one that squashes down it is advisable.

Q. Do I need a passport?

Everyone is required to have a passport, not necessarily at the time of the interview, but certainly prior to obtaining visa's and travelling.

Q. How do I get to my ship?

You are not escorted to your ship. You will be given clear travel information and must travel to the ship on your own.

Steiner only pay for your flight to the ship, and your flight back to the UK on completion of your contract. You are responsible for any hotel costs, and transfer costs.

Q. Will I have to have a medical?

All job offers and/or offers of employment are contingent upon meeting certain physical requirements and obtaining a valid seafarers health certificate. Medical examinations and the issuance of a seafarer's health certificate must be performed by an approved seamen's doctor.

Q. How much notice will I receive before I have to board my appointed ship?

1-2 days of notice. You will get your details normally on a Thursday and leave on a Friday to board your ship on a Saturday.

Life Onboard

Q. Will I have to share a cabin with someone?

Yes, you have to share a cabin (the same sex). You will share a room with someone else while you are in training and the size of the room is the same as on board the ship. We do this on purpose to prepare you for life on the ships.

Q. What is there in a typical staff cabin?

In a typical staff cabin there are 2 bunk beds, cupboard for clothing and a small toilet with shower.

Q. Is there any entertainment laid on for cabin crew?

Yes, there is a crew Area. This is the only place you don't need to dress up and it has a gym, room for entertainment for quiz nights, leaving party etc.

Q. Am I allowed to drink when I'm off duty?


Q. Will I be able to use the holiday maker's amenities?

On board 80% of our ships, we have deck privileges. This means that you are aloud to mingle with passengers. You can attend the wonderful show on board, cinemas and other entertainment. You need to dress smartly at all times when you attend the passenger area and dress in an evening dress if it's a formal evening night. In addition you always allow a paying passenger to go first.

Q. Are there any opportunities to go onshore?

On a 7 day cruise, you have 1 ½ day off and there are always when the ship is in port. This means that you can enjoy the beaches in the Caribbean, visiting the pyramids in Egypt or river rafting in Alaska.

Q. How can I keep in touch with family back home?

You can email and telephone from port. Some ships provide email facility and telephone, but this may be costly. Finally, you can send and receive post from the ship. However, you must provide the address of the Port Agent for your family/friends once you are on board ship.

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