Superficial, Spiritual or Something Else?

These days no one can deny the importance of the hair and beauty industry to both sexes, but is it really right for us to become so image conscious? After all isn't the hair and beauty industry just for those few over concerned vain people who think image is everything?

Well, the popularity of such TV shows as "10 Years Younger" and "How to look good naked", tells us that we are all now interested in learning about ways of improving our looks and feeling better. We women and increasingly more men report "feeling so much better" and "happier" once they have had a 'make over'. In truth, one of the most satisfying reasons for working within the 'Hair and Beauty' industry is the ability to be able to help our clients to achieve a higher sense of self satisfaction and inner contentment.

It may be argued that the industry is setting up clients for future dissatisfaction with themselves as clients fail to keep up beauty regimes and become obsessed by striving for perfection. Yet everyone working within the industry knows the importance of looking at the individual and highlighting their best features and deal with the many anxieties that often arise for those with bodily imperfections.

Pessimistic views of the industry are often held by those who may never have experienced the truly uplifting wonderful feeling that is part and parcel of having a hair or beauty treatment. For a lot of people, the reason for never undergoing any treatments is often a result of them feeling "I'm just not worth it". (Indeed a large amount of the pessimistic sector would report that the industry is too overpriced which I will be exploring in my next article). Many of the afore mentioned TV shows deal with just such clients, often showing them before and after treatments that have had startling results transforming the proverbial ugly duckling into the beautiful swan! Witnessing these dramatic conversions is both compulsive viewing and uplifting to all concerned. The question therefore remains; how to get pessimists to open their minds to treatments without having to have 'Trinny and Susannah' personally drag them kicking and screaming through the salon doors?

It seems we need to take a leaf out of the TV producer's handbook, where nearly all these contestants have been "set up" as it were by their friends and family. The answer then appears blindingly simple: give your pessimistic friend or family member a treatment GIFT VOUCHER, or even better why not share the occasion with them. You may just be opening them up to a whole new world of fabulous experiences that they will always thank you for!

In conclusion the old adage "be the best you can be" seems to be particularly relevant here. That is what both the industry and clients need to be striving towards. After all why should we not strive to look our best especially when in doing so we also feel generally more confident and content with ourselves and life!

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