Tanning the Safe Way

Fake Tans love em' when they go right? or loathe em' when they totally so do not? Well ladies (oh and gentlemen) they are most certainly in fashion and judging by the experts the ultimate bottle of fakeness is bound to become one of you're best friends!

I am going to confide in you now.. but you can't tell anyone..

I actually started using fake tan very young, about 13/14 and it was a catastrophe! I was young and naive, I thought fake tan was fake tan and that was it! No, no, no.

I was the living, breathing, walking, carrot and I learnt a valuable lesson,

ALWAYS read the recommended skin type on the bottle first before you consider buying it, ie, for normal to dark skin, or fair to normal skin, how much to put on and when to put it on.. (my pj's turned orange too, ha) and of course the best way to apply it, after a shower of ultimate exfoliation!

The bottle I brought when I was 14 didn't seem to mention any of this and I still cringe thinking about people who are un-aware of the consequences of carottness when not reading the bottle in the supermarkets.

Anyway after that bright era of my life I moved on to more suitable tones and I found I actually looked lovely and brown.. not luminous!

I seem to be the tan queen and have literally tried everything from bronzing creams to spray tans! The only thing I can criticize about a spray tan is how obvious it is that you have one but they look gorgeous and great for parties and weddings (if done correctly of course) The most reliable tanning lotion I have used to date is the moisturising dove tan lotion, I adore it and it never ever fails me. Just slap some on all over your body (well, maybe not slapping.. just rubbing it in will do the trick!) hop into bed and by morning you will be all lovely and brown, and at only £3.49 a bottle you can't go wrong!

So tan the safe way and fake it, and don't forget you always look gorgeous with a glow

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