Thalgo Invites you to enter a New World and Discover Ocean Memory

The Sea is the cradle of life on earth and carries within it the memory of the World. With its perpetual movement, it is the source of infinite life and energy. Our body, which is largely made up of salt water, presents extraordinary physiological similarities with the sea. On contact with the sea, we find ourselves in harmony with our original element, like a child in its mother's womb.


Even before the treatment ritual begins, all the senses are on alert. Taste is stimulated by a revitalising tea offered before the ritual. Hearing is stirred by relaxing music evocative of a deep sea dive. Smell is awoken by the scent of citrus fruits and water flowers than fills the treatment room.

1. Wave Of Purity: Uses a combination of three algae with anti-stress and anti-fatigue properties together with re-mineralising salt crystals to exfoliate the body. Your skin becomes soft, smooth and radiant, as the gentle massage takes you on a relaxing journey.

2. Original Cradle: A bath is transformed by an effervescent mix of minerals salts and pink and green algae, a fragrant explosion that turns a bath into a "Jacuzzi". Your body relaxes and is intensely replenished.

3. Marine Renewal: Massage replicates the different movements of the sea on the body, to restore its balance and re-focus its energy. Enclosed in a warm cocoon, salt crystals and seaweed petals are applied to the body to mineralise and warm the body.

4. Mineral Resource: A body wrap of slightly warm seaweed foam is applied using gentle massage movements. Oligo-elements and minerals revitalise the body and gradually reawaken and energise you.


Ocean Memory also has five products for the body and home, so you can enjoy the benefits and the atmosphere of this ritual at home...

Deep Sea Scrub (250 ml pot)

Leaves a subtle, lingering scent of sea water, citrus fruit and algae bloom on your body: your skin is smoother and more radiant.

Ocean Memory Cream (250ml pot)

Aquatic and sensorial, Ocean Memory Cream is bursting with all the micro-nutrients necessary for life, it releases the energy of a thousand year-old micro-algae into the heart of the cells. Deeply replenished, your skin is revitalised, soft and hydrated.

Revitalising Organic Tea Ocean Memory (box of 10 sachets)

An exquisite blend of Jiang Xi black tea, Spirulina (ultimate energising algae), Ginger, Guarana and Ginger (revitalising active ingredients) with the delicious natural aromas of lemon, grapefruit and melon, this tea is a delight for the senses and acts like a burst of oxygen to reawaken the body and mind.

Ocean Memory room fragrance (100ml bottle) and scented candle(180g jar)

Plunge into the ocean with this fresh and invigorating fragrance, reminiscent of the Ocean Memory ritual. Citrus fruits and water flower notes will delight you, then the sea spray heart wraps you in a bubble of well-being.

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