Thalgo's Beach Clean Up Day

Thalgo has committed to raise a minimum of £10,000 in the next year for the Marine Conservation Society (MCS). Funds will be raised via a donation from the sale of each of five key Thalgo products: Marine Algae cleansing Bar (£1 donation), Thalassobath Sea Salts (£2), Plasmalg Gel (£2), Ocean Memory Cream (£3) and Ocean Memory Deep Sea Scrub (£3) to MCS. The monies will go towards supporting MCS work in three core areas; clean seas, sustaining fisheries and protecting marine wildlife.

Marian Green, MD of Thalgo UK, says:

"Thalgo applauds the Marine Conservation Society's work in highlighting the needless damage being done to marine life and our coastline through careless littering and pollution, and also in demonstrating to the public practical ways in which they can help to alleviate the multitude of problems it causes."

"The Marine Conservation Society is a most natural and sympathetic partner with Thalgo as our unique selling point of using marine active ingredients is wholly dependent upon taking elements from clean and unpolluted seas, in an environmentally sustainable way."

"We're also keen to demonstrate that this joint initiative isn't just part of the Thalgo marketing mix but a very real involvement and on-going commitment to raising funds and building awareness of the issues highlighted by the Marine Conservation Society," concludes Green.

Beach Clean Up

The Thalgo UK team will be participating in an MCS beach clean-up day in the Spring; 'adopting' a beach and inviting staff, customers and possibly even some journalists to join in surveying the littering and pollution, before doing a thorough beach clean-up. Thalgo will also be co-marketing the 'Sea and Me' initiative with MCS which encourages people to upload a favourite beach/sea image together with a favourite memory of the sea, in association with the new Thalgo Ocean memory body treatment and product range.


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