The Bach Flower Essence

My Discovery of Homeopathy

I have been a Registered Bach Flower Practitioner for almost two years now and prior to that I have used the flower essences on myself and family for years. It is a much simpler system of healing than homeopathy. It is similar to homeopathy in that it treats like with like. When my daughter was two she was diagnosed with suffering from asthma and not wanting her to go down the route of using steroids, inhalers and pumps someone suggested homeopathy. Homeopathy did not work overnight but over the course of several months she was weaned off of quite heavy duty medication. A miracle! That is how I became hooked on complementary medicine. And read everything I could on homeopathy and homeopathic preparations. Some of them come from quite strange sources indeed.

Bach Rescue Remedy

I was so impressed with homeopathy that I also wanted to become healed in body, mind and spirit. Alas over the course of a year the homeopath was no closer to identifying my 'constitutional type'. I became disillusioned and one day came across an article by the Barefoot Doctor talking about the Bach Flower Essences. Rescue Remedy is Boots the Chemist best loved wellbeing product and Jennifer Aniston and Madonna are among the celebrities who use it regularly to cope with their hectic lifestyles.

In your Salon, Practice or Clinic keep a small bottle of Dr Bach's Rescue Remedy for yourself or for your clients when either of you feel stressed, unbalanced or not quite yourself. 4 drops on the tongue or in some water will quickly go to work on restoring peace of mind. These safe and gentle remedies will not interfere with any medication the client is taking and will quickly help to dissipate any negative emotions to restore balance.

It is a complete system holistic medicine as it treats the individual's personality and not a set of symptoms. Dr Bach who created the essences was a medically qualified Doctor and Bacteriologist in 1930s. He was given permission to treat World War 1 veterans with his system of medicine very successfully.

So don't forget to keep a bottle of Rescue Remedy with you at all times, you never know when you might need it for life's everyday ups and downs.


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