The Chapel Award Winning Hair Salon in Kent

Amanda Dicker founded 'The Chapel', a multi award winning hair salon in Kent that offers a luxury range of the latest spa treatments.

Everything about this salon spells quality from the beautifully designed interior to the professional standards that the team employs.

Here Amanda Dicker talks to hair and beauty jobs about what it is that makes The Chapel so special.


Amanda has been a Stylist and now especially a colourist for 21 years, her passion for the craft and her mission to change the industry from a career to a profession has led her to pioneer the way in which any patrons to her business THE CHAPEL are treated.

"We have been using the term GUEST for everybody that walks through our doors for five years now. I have always adopted a boutique approach to a bigger picture as have the hotel industry and I have innovated any similarities between the two industries".

This has made for an amazing leap forward in the experience a Guest can now enjoy at THE CHAPEL. It's not just a hair cut or colour or leg wax, it is a complete life style experience full of education and creative communication tools. We tailor everything to an individual and that isn't just for the Guest, we adopt the same approach for our team members. "I believe to be inspirational you have to be inspired, my goal has always been to create an environment where this always happens".


The CHAPEL Culture

[THE CHAPEL work environment is expansive and progressive with an ethos for making everybody feel special.] When we recruit we have one person on our minds, our Guest, they are the most important factor in any decision we make at THE CHAPEL. We are always looking for team members who will bring added service with a distinctive edge.

THE CHAPEL work environment is expansive and progressive with an ethos for making everybody feel special. Our culture is one of equal opportunities and of transparent core values. We have a very strong brand value and this runs through the whole of our business. We tailor training to the individual in the same way as we do our service to our Guest; this means that candidates receive more of what they need the most.

At THE CHAPEL we do not have assistants. Every team member is responsible for their Guest's experience and for THE CHAPEL environment, there are no stars only a fantastic team and strong brand values.


THE CHAPEL success

Our success can be measured not only in the awards we have won but in our own Guest feedback forms. We consistently score highly and we LISTEN to any comment that a Guest might make.

We have always devoted a huge chunk of our beautiful building to listening. Our consultations are fantastic and we are always looking for new tools that allow us to communicate more effectively. To build the bridge between our knowledge and the Guest's understanding we need time and because we charge by the hour nobody loses out. The Stylist or Therapists performance figures are still glowing and the Guest gets an amazing tailored service.


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