The Difference a Therapist Makes

Over the past five years the beauty industry has been increasingly saturated with holistic products and treatments which aim to treat the whole person not just the symptoms as many skin complaints are a physical response to a negative emotion. Dealing with emotions often goes far beyond the reach of even the most impressive 'miracle creams'; however the person applying those creams, the beauty therapist can affect your emotional state.

Much like any situation when meeting new people, first impressions are the most important. A therapist learns at college to address their client with open body language, a smile and a friendly greeting. Over time skills are honed and a good therapist will see immediately if their client is nervous, sad, and angry etc. The therapist will then adjust their greeting, consultation and treatment according to the emotional state of their client. Therefore the treatment will take care of the symptoms and the feelings of comfort the therapist provides will treat the emotion of the client.

As you can see the role of a Beauty Therapist is far more than providing a service. Time spent with a good therapist is not only a relaxing enjoyable experience it is also a personal one. Anyone who has opened their heart in the treatment room can vouch for that. Clients don't tell their darkest secrets to any therapist but they will to a therapist they make a connection to. Therapists obviously can't solve your problems but they can create an environment where you can relax and talk if you need to - both of which are important aspects when dealing with stress and treating the person as a whole. If you feel uncomfortable with your therapist you may not get the full benefit from your treatment.

Clearly beauty therapist are not doctors or life coaches, nevertheless we do know that sometimes whether you have visible symptoms or emotional problems - all you need is to relax. However in a day and age where people find relaxing an impossible task at home your salon is your solace and the beauty therapist the connection between the mind and body.

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