The Difficulties with Hiring Temporary Stylists

Published on: 4 Mar 2016

Every salon owner has felt the panic rise when a member of staff fails to turn up to work and yet there are fully booked columns for the day. Thankfully there are now specialist temping agencies for the beauty industry that can supply temporary therapist staff to help out in absences through sickness and holiday leave at beauty salons and spas. However for hair salons there doesn't appear to be any similar services for hair salons looking to hire temporary stylists.

Of course one of the key issues for any temping agency is being able to feel comfortable that the staff they send out under their name can provide a quality service. Their reputation could easily be ruined after all through the work of the temps they have on their books. Within the beauty industry industry this quality issue is resolved by the agency setting up an interview with the beauty temp candidate.

The recruiter will be wanting to satisfy themselves that the therapist can turn up for time to the appointment, that they are well groomed and personable and be interested in what treatments the therapist has under their portfolio. Crucially the therapist will then have to demonstrate their ability to deliver excellent service and treatments by undergoing a trade test where they may have to give the agency recruiter a massage, manicure or facial.

With hair stylists one can certainly arrange a meeting to determine that they are personable but you wouldn't dream of signing them up to your books without seeing evidence of their ability to cut well (or indeed colour) and therein lies the problem. An interviewing recruiter is unlikely to let a stylist candidate cut their crowning glory during an interview and even if they did they only have one head of hair!! Of course the agency or stylist candidate could provide hair models but then the recruiter is reliant on both the hair model and candidate actually turning up for the appointment; you'd be surprised how many candidates don't turn up to appointments!

And then supposing there was a system for providing hair models for the trade testing of stylists there has to be an adequate environment with access to all the equipment you'd expect to see in a hair salon. The whole area is fraught with difficulties not to mention the potential for hairdressing liability claims should rogue stylists slip through the net.

And so this probably explains why despite everyone crying out for stylist temps there is still a gap in the market for such a provision.