The Hair Trends of 2014

Slicked-back, shiny, gelled or waxed (not greasy) hair through the top with soft, messy waves either left loose or tied into a messy low pony tail, so that there is a lovely contrast in texture throughout the style, is another ‘very now’ look. Also any windswept looking up-do is going to be bang on too, but remember, if you prefer your hair worn up high it shouldn’t be neat or perfect looking.

Hair coloring for this year is far more subtle tones; lovely soft warm browns, muted coppers, mink shades and gorgeous soft beachy blondes, or combinations of these tones look great with high lights or low lights too.

This is because this year’s wardrobe essentials are very bold and bright colors and lovely soft and pretty pastels, thus the hair needs to be toned down. Lipsticks for this year are bright and bold, so soft warm hair is a perfect compliment. Also, having roots is actually for once, perfectly acceptable these days and really rather stylish too. Ombres rather than harsher looking ‘very last year’ dip dyes are looking great this year too.

Big and bold hair accessories are really in this year, especially big, beautiful bows. The shops are full of them at the moment and online you can probably pick up something really striking and unusual and then just use it to hold back that lovely gelled, slicked-back, low ponytail. This instantly turns a simple day time look into night time and means you’re ready to party! 

It has to be a low pony with a contrast of textures but remember if you like a high ponytail or bun then avoid the slick look and go for the messy slept-in look. You can still add your accessories to your up-do; they would look best put in so they look like you threw them in – i.e. maybe slightly askew so as to look well-worn and not as though they’ve taken hours of prep.

What I really love at the moment is all the varieties of plaits; yes they have been around for a while now but I, for one, am glad. The Alice band style soft messy braids - put in whatever type of braid or plait you like and then gently give it a tug to make it look a little ‘lived in’.

They can be super shiny by gelling or waxing the piece of hair first (I prefer wax or pomade if you do want to achieve this particular look as it stays soft and is easier to plait and pull loose for the effect. Gel will be a harder finish and can leave the hair a bit crispy or crunchy!)

They can also be matte – I personally prefer the matte, softer look but they do all look pretty and girly which is definitely good for me! With the rest of the hair left natural i.e. not straightened or curled but however your hair falls – the slept in look really is best this year so make the most of it.

If you really feel the need to style your hair first (I know I do as it feels wrong to do nothing with it) then maybe try adding a very soft wave and then messing it up a bit by pulling your fingers through it with your favorite product.

Soft but sleek mermaid-style waves and retro curls are a good look this year too. These are not such messy looks but a smoother, frizz-free look. Again really pretty and girly, which I personally think looks gorgeous especially on those hot summer days.

Haircut wise this year we are seeing lots of full fringes back which I absolutely love, however they are not for everyone. The best face shapes to have a full fringe are ideally oval but round or square look great too.

Short cropped hair is looking great, especially if you are blonde or also if you have a few different soft colors highlighted through your natural base color to accentuate the textures. I have been asked quite a few times recently for the ‘Jennifer Lawrence’. This is a lovely short, soft and feminine hair cut with a sweeping side fringe which is actually rather versatile. It can be worn either neat and styled, a bit messy and slept in looking or swept back with a little bit of wax through it.

Whichever way it’s worn it looks fantastic. I also hear that the good old bob could be making a come back this summer too and there are so many varieties that there is something that will suit everyone.

To summarize, I would say go with what your particular hair type and face shape allows, but the basic rules are to keep it nice and soft, pretty and girly or again nice and soft but messy and a little bit wind swept.

This is where we should be heading this summer. Also toning down and softening those bright colors to fit in with your new summer wardrobe is a must.

Have fun with a variety of messy, pretty styles this summer and certainly make the most of not having to look sleek and perfect all the time for a change!

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