The High Street Doesn't Help us to Grow Old Gracefully

SkinGenesis is the leading non-surgical cosmetic clinic established in 2003 with branches in city centre locations in Leeds, Manchester, and a new branch in Chester.

The poll which was conducted with the 3,897* registered email subscribers of email newsletter in June 2007, revealed that many anti-ageing products simply don't make the grade when tested by consumers.

The research was conducted by SkinGenesis to check the confidence level of customers who regularly purchase anti-ageing products.

This poll backs up recent research, often highlighted in popular TV programmes, into the quality and content of the High Street products available. To be able to say they have anti-ageing properties, these products must contain active ingredients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Retinoids. However, to avoid the risk of side effects, many of these creams only contain very low concentrations and so are unlikely to do anything more than moisturise your skin.

SkinGenesis believe that non-surgical treatments such as regenerative peels, microdermabrasion and intense pulse light therapy can now seriously rival the High Street as a value for money alternative to creams that don't deliver.

William Haseldine, Chairman of SkinGenesis commented: "As skin experts we felt that it was important to see what our customer base thought of anti-ageing products. We spend over £650 million on anti-ageing moisturisers and similar products yet confidence is a major issue in the market. We only use professionally trained and qualified staff who can offer best advice and we think consumers ought to know about cost effective, accessible non-surgical alternatives that do deliver the desired results in a natural, long lasting way. We would advise people to ditch the so-called miracle creams and opt for bespoke programmes that combine creams and treatments to get the right results. As a Healthcare Commission registered clinic our combination packages include physician grade creams that contain a much higher concentration of active ingredients including retinol than are available on the high street. "

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