The Household Administrator (her indoors)

Tonight you may be pleased to read that I am not firing on all cylinders but instead I am fully relaxed and chilled out. I want to concentrate my efforts on the importance of well-being and the benefits that it brings along with it.

In the country where I am presently residing, the housewife directs all her energies towards the cleanliness of her home, the husband and the children, the family car and not to forget the family pet, hardly ever allowing time for herself. Rightly so that she should concentrate on nurturing her family but surely she owes it to herself to enjoy some quality "ME" time. Hardly ever does she give herself the pleasure and when she dares to she always ends up feeling the pains of guilt in the way she may have neglected her family.

For the benefit of all

In my opinion, the wife, mother and household administrator should take time to treat herself to some pleasures the world of leisure has to offer. The entire troupe at home stands to benefit. It is very apparent that when she occasionally does decide to treat herself the feeling of well being will be extensively enjoyed by one and all.

Smile a smile and soon there will be miles and miles of smiles (Piet Hein). This saying is so true as once she arrives home with a smile on her face the good feeling is transmitted down the line and before we know it there is no screaming at the kids and the dog will be happy curled by dad's feet who is contentedly reading the newspaper waiting for his dinner to be served up by his devoted wife.

Take time out

The fact that earlier in the day she took herself down to the health centre and thoroughly relaxed with her friends, sharing a joke or two over a herbal tea following a relaxing massage set her mood for the rest of the day and hey presto, look at the result!! One big happy family¦¦¦¦oh and by the way, the laundry was done, the floors were polished, the kids were picked up from school on time and oh yes, there is a hearty meal waiting at the table. Incredible how she should learn to juggle all this and maintain a feeling of well being not just for herself but transmitting the feeling to her brood.

Now you must agree with me that every household administrator owes such time to herself and no I haven't finished yet¦¦I also strongly believe that hubby should take time out too¦what a perfect combination that would be¦. Happy families at last or should I say happy families once again.

Next time she will treat her hubby to a relaxing day at the spa trying out all the inviting thalassotherapie treatments resulting in the most pleasurable way to de-stress and energise her family in the most indirect manner that befits a well organized household administrator!!!!

But I will report on that visit and happy families the next few times I appear on this space!!


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