The Importance of Appearance within the Beauty Industry

•    We advise on products and treatments for good skin.

•    We provide manicure treatments for great nails.

•    We apply the perfect streak free fake tan.

•    We perform body treatments that help tone and refine the bumpiest of cellulite.

•    We provide hair removal treatments that leave skin smooth and silky,

•    And we apply make up to ladies that accentuates the facial features they like and camouflages the features they don't!

So in other words: You’re in the industry of helping make people look and feel their best!

So to do this it really supports all your efforts if you make sure YOU, the therapist, look and feel at your very best too!

We work in the industry where people genuinely WILL judge the book by its cover. If you do not look your best for work or college every day you will NOT sell your professional image to the best of your abilities.

Also there are other reasons why the therapist should look her best; not just for presentation purposes but for hygiene and safety reasons.

Here are some hints and tips on how you can achieve excellent personal appearance whether it be in a salon or spa or for a job interview for a salon or spa.

Clothing/Uniform - Job interview

I’m a great believer in excellent preparation prior to a salon job interview.

Phone the salon before your interview to ask if they will be expecting you to perform a trade test and if so would they prefer you to attend the appointment wearing salon uniform. I always have a plain black tunic hanging in my wardrobe for such occasions. You can just pair it up with some smart black trousers and jacket for the interview.

In salon

Most, if not all, salons and spas provide a uniform for you to wear whilst working.
You will be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of that garment.

This can be a harder task than it sounds......


Your uniform will represent the salon or spa you are working in so it is of the utmost importance that you keep it sparkling clean.

I myself have made the mistake of washing a beautiful white tunic with a red sock and it turning a bright shade of pink! Or worse still I’ve accidentally spilt bleach on a black tunic and no amount of whitening products can remove spilt nail polish. Take great care when wearing your uniform not to spill polish or fake tan on it as most uniforms cost anything up to £100 for you to re-purchase, thus proving very costly.


Beware the perils of using too hot an iron on synthetic fabrics, which many uniforms are made from!

Holes are not a professional look!


Always keep your salon shoes JUST for salon use! Never use them outside of the salon; keep a spare pair of outdoor shoes in your bag at work.

Often your clients are face down on the treatment couch peering through the head hole and the first thing they will see is a scuffed and muddy pair of shoes on their therapist’s feet: NOT a good impression to make.

For hygiene reasons within a salon it is imperative that salon shoes are spotlessly clean.

And do I need to mention smelly feet?! Remember that poor client whose head is in the treatment couch hole!


I’m of the “old school” when it comes to salon hair styles. To me nothing looks more unprofessional than a beauty therapist with long hair not tied up in a neat pony tail or bun. It creates a clean and well groomed image to the client if hair is tied back. This also is a must for job interviews.

Also hair must be clean and grease free.

The above is not just for aesthetic reasons but for health and safety and hygiene reasons too.

No one wants to be constantly brushing their hair out of the way of their face whist waxing a client or performing a massage. Apart from the fact its unhygienic it’s also very annoying!

Make -up, skin and nails

As I have mentioned before YOU are the job! Your clients WILL judge your professional ability just on their first look at you in reception.

Light day make-up is more than enough to show good knowledge of application technique (no clowns please).

And look after your skin as best you can afford to as clients will look at you as setting an example on excellent skin care.

Nails must be kept short and neat in spas or salons that provide facials and massage for safety and hygiene reasons and NO nail polish or extensions should be worn to avoid your clients having allergic reactions.

This rule will differ in nail salons as they are selling false nail treatments and in that case the therapist’s nails should be a shining example of her salons work.

And now for the delicate bit......

Personal hygiene

As beauty therapists we work extremely closely inside our client’s personal space. Body odour can be a major issue in the hot spa environment so ensure you wear a clean uniform every day and use a non-perfumed deodorant that is strong enough to keep you dry and fresh whilst doing that hard work of up to 8 massages in a row!

Fresh breath is a MUST and do NOT have onions in your sandwich at lunch before you do a facial or garlic the night before! And take care when preparing food the night before work as the smell of garlic or fish can linger on your hands long after washing them, and your clients WILL smell your hands when they are on her face.

Ladies who smoke, I beg on behalf of you clients, please don’t think we can’t smell cigarettes on your fingers even after you’ve washed them or smoke on your breath even after that strong mint!

It’s not professional and will not keep your clients returning to you for further bad smelling treatments.


More and more ladies are getting tattoos these days (myself included). This is entirely a matter of personal choice.

Employers are not allowed to discriminate when employing you if you have any but I still would take measures to be discrete about where you have them.

My one piece of advice would be this.... if you are planning on any new ink work on your person, remember the job you are in and the people you may be performing treatments on.

Don’t have too many tattoos on show on your hands or arms as this is where your clients will see them and some older ladies may not like being massaged by a tattooed therapist. (I know it sounds old fashioned but it is still the case with the older generation).

Out of salon!

You are the job! If you bump into a client on your day off looking like something the cat dragged in that client may not feel that you take your own beauty advice seriously enough to look after yourself out of work.

Tidy hair, a bit of lip gloss and a slick of mascara goes a long way to maintain the illusion that us beauty therapists look good 24/7,

You can let it all go when you’re safe at home on your sofa!


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